Reading Between the Lines

A Newsletter for ACPS Title 1 Teachers

Let's Meet

Many changes have led to many questions this year. Let's gather together to discuss how the changes are being handled at our various schools. This may give each of us some ideas and clear up areas that are causing confusion. Please plan to meet on October 29 at 3:30 in the Instruction Conference Room. Tonia and I look forward to seeing you!

Q & A

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

What should Title 1 Goals look like for students? Goals written for Title 1 students should be measurable and should contain the behavior, criteria, and condition within the goal.

How often must progress monitoring take place? Progress monitoring should take place every 5-10 instructional days. This means you have the option of progress monitoring 1 time a week or 1 time every two weeks depending upon what makes the most sense for your student and the goal you are measuring.

How often do we measure the effectiveness of our goal? The effectiveness of a student goal should be evaluated every 30 days. This time span will allow you to have at least three data points to look over while determining the effectiveness of the goal. If the goal is not working, then tweak instruction to meet the needs of the child.

Do we progress monitor Kindergarten students NOW? NO. Some of our Kindergarten students come to us with NO prior preschool experience. Let's give students time to respond to instruction. Therefore, please hold off on referring Kindergarten students to Title 1until around Parent Conference time, October 23. You may work with Kindergarten students as a Reading Specialist at this time.

DPAC Title 1 Meeting!!

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 9am

1101 Red Top Orchard Road

Waynesboro, VA

We invite our Title 1 District Parents of Augusta County to the Waynesboro Panera Bread for an informational meeting. Parents will be treated to FREE coffee and pastries as we talk about how our schools can better support our children. Please send us your parents' email addresses that you would like us to invite to this event. If they do not have email, we are happy to mail them a flyer. Thank you!!!