A Long Way Gone

By: Francesca Diaz

Ishmael Beah

  • A gentle and kind boy
  • At the age of 13 he was picked up b the government army & found that he was capable of awful acts
  • He tells his story and how he came to forgive himself
  • He is lucky to be alive

Historical Connection

The new Furor

  • Donald Trump being seen as a new version of Hitler
  • Sweet Ishmael is now seen as a sealer who must grow up and be able to handle war and hunger



  • A Muslim place of worship
  • When the villagers at the mosque and heard the rebels where near they ran home
  • Kaloko stayed to pray

semi automatic machine gun

  • Continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed
  • This shows how the rebels had big expensive guns and Ishmael and his friends barely have food
  • This gun scared Ishmael and his friends, the rebels also had a bullet belt


Sierra Leone

  • Fled attacking rebels in Sierra Leone, Africa
  • Area of fighting was around Mattru Jong and Kamator


Man v.s self

  • "The separation of our parents left marks on us that were visible to the youngest children in our towns"
  • Ishmael was so angry at the way they pities him that he would kick their children behind school.
  • Ishmael's true self is to be kind, but the stress from war is getting to him


  • Ishmael and his friends go to a village and are captured
  • The villagers are afraid they are spies for the rebels
  • Society now thinks everything has to do with the rebels
  • They don't look at Ishmael and his friends as harmless boys, but as trained rebels