Mrs. Hyde's Class

We Can Visualize!


Visualization is defined as the ability to create or make mental pictures. Students have been working hard at creating mental pictures in their head from stories and YouTube videos. Each one of the Reading Owls has been able to see a mental pictures, draw what they saw, and talk about what they saw. They have been working super hard.

All the Ways we can Learn

The team Reading Owls have been learning to visualize through many different strategies. Their favorite strategy is wearing sunglasses. Students put on a pair of sunglasses while I read a story. They were not able to see the pictures in the story. When the story was over, we took off the sunglasses and talked about what we saw in our heads. Check out their cute pictures.
chicken sounds

YouTube Rocks!

One other strategy that the kids really enjoyed was listening to YouTube videos. Mrs. Hyde played a YouTube video and the Reading Owls had to visualize what they were listening to. We had a ton of fun! This video of the chicken was their favorite.

Way to Go!

Way to go team Reading Owls! I'm so proud of you.