Red Gazelle


The Red Gazelle

This species was a dark-reddish forest dweller. It was one of the largest gazelle species with a length of about (5 ft) and with thick horns of about 30cm (1 ft) in length. It probably lived in the Atlas Mountains in Algeria and Morocco.

The Red Gazelle died out before scientists could study this species. That's why we don't know anything about its behaviour and ecology. The rich colours of his fur suggest that this species didn't live in desserts. The Red Gazelle had probably a small distribution area that was limited to areas in the North African mountains with relatively much rainfall.Scientist are not sure why this species is extinct. Theorist say it could have been a long period of drought and disease which caused food shortages of plants and a severe depletion of the Gazelle population. They also theorize that the Red Gazelle was over hunted.