Westward Expansion


The Expedition

¨I could but esteem this moment of my departure as among the most happy of my life.¨ The expedition began after the louisiana purchase.Thomas jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the land.They set out the 14th of may.They had to find a water route to the west.They met many indian tribes.They met one indian in particular named Sacagawea.
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Lewis and Clark

These two men were in charge of the expedition.Meriwether Lewis was a soldier and William Clark was an explorer.Jefferson hired Meriwether to lead a group of men to explore the louisiana territory was purchased for $15 million.Meriwether hired William Clark as co-captain.

Their Discoveries

They found bison,bears,elk,coyote,deer,plants, and indian tribes. ¨Found two species of native clover here, the one with a very narrow small leaf & a pale red flower.¨Lewis found himself face to face with a bear.He shot a buffalo and he turned around he saw the bear.He couldn´t shoot it because he hadn´t reloaded his gun.The bear chased him until lewis ran into the water then the bear left.Lewis also had a close encounter with some buffalo.After the bear left, three buffalo were about to run him over.They discovered a number of plants and with some help of the indians they learned how to make those plants useful.¨The men who were complaining of the headache and cholick yesterday and last night are much better today. Shabonos Squar gathered a quantity of fenel roots which we find very paliatiable and nurturing food¨
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What does it mean to be an american as an explorer?

¨I am not a coward,but i am so strong.So hard to die.¨To be an american explorer meant tha they made westward expansion possible with their expedition.They discovered easy routes to the west for the pioneers to travel on.The explorers told the pioneers what type of food they would find on their journey west.

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition