Sassy & Stylin' Boutique

By: Abby Jennetta

Type of Business & What We Sell

My business is known for selling stylish clothing for girls only. We range from casual & cute t-shirts to dressier clothes that can be worn for any special occasion. My business is considered at the moment a partnership. I have teamed up with large name brands like Lilly Pulitzer & Simply Southern to be able to stock my business with their products and to give them credibility. The advantages of having a partnership include being able to raise money more easily, not having to pay corporate income tax, having a variety of talents, & my partners and i have unlimited liability.

Our Awesome Products

How We Will Overcome Disadvantages

The disadvantages that come with having a partnership are having to be liable for my partners, sharing profits, disagreements, & a risk at one of my partners leaving the business. To avoid the profit issue, none of the sales I make in the boutique go back to the larger partners. In our articles of partnership, I stated that I would pay them to stock the store with their items while I receive full profit from all sales. We also agreed that if they would no longer want to be associated with my boutique, that they must let me know months in advance so I can have an additional partnership set & ready to go.

Working Environment

In my business I will allow a labor union to be formed among my employees. I think this is a good choice for my business because I want all my workers to know that I will take their opinions and wishes into great consideration when making future plans for the growth of the boutique. This union will be an open shop so my workers do not feel like they have to absolutely be involved within it. I feel that if I were to make it required to join the union it may lower the potential of hiring future employees.

Going Green

In my boutique, all of our hangers and storage materials have been produced from recycled materials. When our customers make purchases, we encourage them to place all unwanted hangers into a large bucket by the door that serves as our recycling bin for those items.
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