Internet Safety

Why it's important to stay safe on the World Wide Web!

Why is internet safety important?

The internet can be a fun but very dangerous place. From people stealing identities to people stealing your parent’s financial information, you have to be careful for whoever might be lurking out there. Knowing about internet safety can keep you out of harm’s way. So make sure you never give out personal information! We want each and every student at Long Hill Elementary School to be able to use the internet, but learning a few helpful tips along the way will be beneficial for now and for the future.

Check out this video on Internet Safety

This video clip offers great information and tips on how to stay safe when online. Pay attention to what the man in the computer is saying in the clip. He gives some great advice!
Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Follow these simple tips!

  • If in doubt, ask an adult that you trust
  • Always remember that not everything is meant to be shared
  • Think before you post/search/give information out
  • Never trust a stranger you just met online (no matter how nice they may seem!)

Here are a list of games and activities to do online

These games and activities will help you learn more about internet safety. You get to have fun while also learning how to stay safe!

One important thing to always remember:

If you feel uncomfortable on a site or end up on a website that does not seem safe, go get a trusted adult. They will make sure you get back to the right page and can report any inappropriate websites. Teachers and parents are here to protect you, so don't be scared to ask. It is better to be safe than sorry!