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Aidan O'Bannion

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Esurance! Get home, auto, or motorcycle insurance fast and easy online or by phone. Not only that, but there is currently a sweepstakes going on. Be sure to retweet on the Esurance page for your chance to win $250,000!


This ad is targeted at anyone above the age of 18 who might need some type of insurance. And/or wants to win $250,000 (which you have to be 18+ to enter)


The target audience in this case would be anyone in general. The characteristics looked for in the audience of the commercial would include resourcefulness, bright minded, generally more joyful people, and common sense. Another that could be included could be lethargic. The reason for the first three would be because any right minded person would know that they need insurance on one thing or another, and those characteristics in a person would draw them to getting that insurance. Ans the reason lethargic was included, is because this is an online, or over the phone insurance company. You can get everything you need right from the comfort of your home, and lethargic people are generally going to be more attracted to what is easiest.
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This ad includes Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. The ad is already logical and reasonable because of it offering an easy way to get what is needed. The contest adds a little of what people desire and that is money, which would add its Pathos. There is nothing that really stands out to show Ethos, but it is implied that the insurance they are providing is good, and trustworthy.

Final Conclusion

The ad overall did a good job of drawing people in, and shoving their product in the faces of the public. There were a few things that could have been done better to therefore enhance the deliverance of the product. For one thing they could have focused more on their product rather than the contest. The contest is great and all, and will certainly draw people in, but it doesn't deliver that trustworthy aspect of what their insurance is about. In the ad it stresses how "Every retweet is another chance to win $250,000." and that is great, but there was nothing that really caught the eye about how good their insurance actually was. They did good by trying to make the commercial funny with things breaking, and unusual situations, but people were only focused on that and the money, because us as humans are generally greedy people. They did have Dead-pool in it as well which squeezed in another product to the public.
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Propaganda techniques

One of the techniques used in this ad is plain folk. The reason I think this technique was used is because it shows people in everyday situations that are catching a money ball, which I am guessing symbolizes the prize of winning the contest. Another technique used would be testimonial, because they had Deadpool in the end. With the new movie not long from release at the time of the commercials airing, I would consider that a "big name."