Summer Cross Country Camp


1st Annual Running Camp!

The BWHS Cross-Country Camp helps athletes of all abilities develop the skill set they need to compete at the highest level. Camp emphasizes teaching the fundamentals of cross-country running, with the overall goal of developing good habits that lead to even better results. There will be a variety of guest speakers providing seminars on skills and techniques athletes can use in the upcoming season. We will be running on trails, hiking, swimming and doing a variety of other fun activities. We want to provide a fun, engaging environment that helps foster a love of running, a sense of community among campers, and a springboard for a successful fall cross country season.

Summer Cross Country Camp

Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 12pm

Red Lodge, MT, United States

Red Lodge, Mt

Other coaches, college courses, former Olympian runners and qualifiers, and record holders will provide different areas of expertise.

The cost of the camp is $120, which includes all meals and prizes. There will be a cabin that some may sleep in, and others may sleep outside in tents if they want to. Restrooms and showers are available. Checks may be made payable to 24th Street Runners.

Deadline for registration is July 1st, 2015. Please mail your form and check to Lauren Zent, 121 Feldspar Way, Billings, Montana 59106.

Campers will receive a letter with a formal schedule and any last minute details after the 4th of July.

What should you bring?

- sleeping bag and pillow (tent if you want one!)

- sleeping pad if you want one

- towel for showers and swimming

- toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)

- warm clothes for evenings

- running attire for three runs

- bathing suit

- sunscreen and bug spray

- spending money if you want for Red Lodge

- lawn chair (please put your name on it)

- water bottle

- extra snacks or food if you want it!

Tentative Schedule

Registration will be from 12:00-1:00 p.m. You will need to provide your own transportation to and from Red Lodge. If this is a problem, please ask me.

Thursday: 1:00-2:00 Opening, introduction, set-up

2:00-4:00 Guest Speakers/activities

4:00-5:00 Trail run

5:30- Dinner (all meals included in camp cost)

7:00-8:00 Guest Speaker

8:00-10:00 game

11:00 p.m. lights out!

Friday: 8:00 a.m. Trail run

9:30 a.m. Breakfast

10:30 a.m. Guest Speaker

11:30 a.m. Hike (lunch on hike)

2:00 p.m. Return from hike (optional swimming at Red Lodge pool, time


5:30 p.m. dinner

6:30 p.m. guest speaker

7:30 p.m. game

11:00 p.m. lights out


8:00 a.m. Trail Run or possible Time Trial!

9:30 a.m. Breakfast

10:30 a.m. Goal session

11:30 a.m. Pack-up, clean up

12:00 p.m. Check-out (you will need your own transportation to pick you up)

Schedule is subject to change.

Please return this form with payment to claim your spot!

1st Annual BWHS Running Camp

Running Camp at in Red Lodge, Montana and is coed for entering 9-12th graders Thursday -July 30 – (12 p.m)- Saturday August 1st–(noon), 2015 Tuition - $120

Name:________________________________Age_______ Gender Grade entering Fall 2015 ____ Address:___________________________________________________________________Zip__________ Home Phone _____________________________________ Cell Phone___________________________ E-mail address____________________________________

In case of medical emergency, I understand every attempt will be made to contact parents or guardians. If they cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the camp director to hospitalize and secure medical treatment for my child. The person enrolling at BWHS Running Camp, his/her parents or legal guardian, assume(s) all risk for loss of property or injury to the person, including Injuries resulting in death caused by or incidental to dangers associated with running and camp activities. Said individuals agree that there are certain inherent dangers related to running and to camp (sprains, strains, broken bones, vehicle collisions, falls, drowning, heat related injuries, etc.) and therefore, agree to hold the BWHS Running Camp, its director and staff harmless and specifically agree not to make any claim against said camp for any of these injuries which would normally be considered a risk from participating in distance running.

Date_________________ Signed______________________________

Parent or Guardian Emergency Contact: Name--_____________________________________ Relationship________________Cell Phone__________ Home Phone _______________________ Email__________________________________________________________________

Precautions the camp director should be aware of such as allergies, diabetes, recent illness, etc._______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

MEDICAL INSURANCE (required) Company_____________________ Policy #_____________________

Complete $120 payment payable to "24th Street Runners" along with this application may be sent to: Lauren Zent, 121 Feldspar Way, Billings, Montana 59106.

CANCELLATIONS: There will be no refunds at this time. Due to the nature of reservations and numbers. If it is cancelled by the director, all money will be refunded. You can try to get someone to go in your spot.