Harriet Tubman

By: Alexander Bustamante

Abolitionist of Slavery

Harriet Tubman hated slavery.

She became a abolition to slavery because it was wrong.

She also was a famous slave that got away.

Conductor of the Underground Railroad

She went back and forth on the underground railroad about 40 times.

She saved about 400 families.

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Slavery Life

She got whipped a lot when she was a slave.

She got a bad head injury cause of it.

Also she got overly abused/raped.


She ran away once and they never caught her.

When she became free she made a safe route home.

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Childhood/Family Life

At the age of 12 she got hired to a field worker.

Also she got a head injury at 12.

At 5 is when she started working as a slave.

Interesting Facts

She saved 5000 slaves from the south.

During the Civil War she was a Union Spy.

She was one of the best run away slaves ever to exist.