Changing Careers

Tips & Tricks

Step One: Considering a Change

The Workplace changes rapidly and a couple years ago we didn't have this problem. Many older people I know, like my step-father, has only had 4 jobs his whole life. I feel that only having four jobs your whole life is pretty good considering I know teenagers that have already had 5 or 6 jobs. Many people change jobs more often then others. If you are working somewhere you do not want to be working and think you can find somewhere else you would rather work you are considering a change.

Step Two: Developing a Plan

You need to have found your new career you want to pursue. You find out how you are going to go about changing careers. This plan should guide you through this whole process. You need to have everything if, and, or but figured out before actually changing. Changing careers can be risky, but if you believe you can do it and think you need to then go ahead and do it.
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Step Three: Making The Change

Now you are ready to take out the old and move in the new. While you are transferring your career you may have to leave your old employer. When you know you are going to leave make sure you give your employer a 2 week notice. You do not want to burn any bridges. Make sure you do not speak badly about your old job. Do not post anything on the internet about your old employer/job. Make sure your old employer is still okay with you. You may need them to fall back on if something goes amiss at your new job.

Step Four: Beginning the New Journey

Now you are able to start taking off in your new career. You are prepared for anything and everything anyone can throw at you. It is time to showcase your experience. You have now successfully changed careers.
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