Ms. Ward's First Grade

Newsletter Week 31

we did it!

This newsletter will be short and sweet this time because this week was spent preparing for and completing conferences! It was great to see you all in the classroom this week. I hope that the experience of student-led conferences was as rewarding and powerful for you as it was for each of your children. Now they have a really good understanding and grasp on the things they need to work on as well as the areas where they are excelling.

My favorite part of student-led conferences, beside the fact that I got to watch as my students led their parents around like pros, was Thursday morning after 2 groups of students had already completed their conferences. There were 7 children that were still left, anticipating the afternoon with their parents, and I could tell that they were excited, but also a bit nervous. The students that had already done their conferences acted like pros! They were encouraging their friends, giving them advice on what to say, and saying things like "oh no, you have no idea... it was the best afternoon in the whole world" or "you'll be fine! it's SO fun!!" I walked around with a huge smile on my face all day because they had taken on this very empowered attitude, and it didn't matter what I said-- it was the confidence of their peers that helped each of them find courage to do so well this week.

It was a wonderful week for the students (and teachers!) of 1.3! I hope you felt the same. I would love to know your opinion of and any suggestions you have for student-led conferences in the future. Email them to me! We all have a nice long relaxing week off school/work to think about it : )

math, literacy, science

Math this week took the kids into working with large number (greater than 100) in different contexts. Not only are they expected to be able to work with large numbers, but also apply their skills to real life situations. Counting groups of coins isn't enough anymore! Now they are counting groups of coins that will then help them solve a more complex word story involving coins... higher order thinking is buzzing in 1.3! The week after spring break we will focus on fractions!!

Literacy this week has been asking and answering questions. Last weekend, a mysterious event occurred: Mr. Montgomery's cookies went missing!! The 1.3 detectives asked many questions, used picture clues, and made predictions to figure out what might have happened to the cookies..... ask your child and see if we were able to crack the case!!

Science was a little short this week because we only had 2 full days of school... we finished talking about tools that are used to measure weather and took a short quiz to check for understanding of the concept. Week after next, we will begin out 3 week unit on inventions. The students will be creating their OWN invention, so start thinking about recyclable materials that you could save for your child to bring to school. More details to follow, of course : )


NO SCHOOL April 14-18 (Semana Santa). Enjoy your time with your families, and we'll see everyone back at school on Monday, April 21!

Have a great week!

Beth Ward : )