Charger Chronicle

July 2023


We are so excited for the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year! Throughout the summer we have been planning, working with colleagues, and fellow staff members to plan for a great school year. Our theme for the school year is Together We're Better! We will focus on building a strong collaborative learning community, and we hope you join us on this journey during the school year. As we look towards the beginning of the school year we wanted to share some important information with you. As always, please reach out to our school office with any question.

~Mrs. Rivera, Mrs. Byrne, and Mrs. Brand


School supply lists can be located at this SITE. We recommend that students just come to school on Day #1 with their Chromebook, notebook, and a writing utensil. The staff at Plum Grove will assist students in transitioning to a great school and assist them with preparing for a great school year during the first few weeks of school.

Students will have access to their schedules using the Infinite Campus Student Portal on August 7th after 3:00 PM. Students can use their Chromebook login information to gain access and view their schedule. Please help us to remind students to have their Chromebook charged and ready for learning each day, and to regularly check emails for daily updates and news a few days prior to school, and thereafter. August brings lots of information with the start of a new school year.

Here is a link to the Plum Grove Bell Schedule as a reference. Students will use this bell schedule and their own schedule to move through their classes each day. Teachers will be taking attendance for classes at the beginning of the school day, and for each class period. It is important that students are on time and ready for learning for each of their classes.

The process of scheduling a junior high school of 870 students is extremely complex. This summer, we have been working through the scheduling process for all students. This is a time-consuming process that involves content specialists, student support staff, and connecting with a variety of programs from our district office. We appreciate the trust you have given us in using our best professional judgment in placing students. Our scheduling process is a team effort that is very complex and completed with great care. Please know that we work to place each student in the best schedule possible. Every consideration is made to best accommodate each student’s needs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to honor over 870 requests. Our focus is to create teaming structures for students and staff to help create a truly collaborative environment and for students to have a team of teachers surrounding them throughout their junior high experience. As such, we will not be able to change schedules if students did not receive their electives of choice. Doing so would create unbalanced classes and upset the instructional environment for all. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate you trusting our professional judgments on this important issue.

Please be sure to read the information from our school nurse, and our district health department. , about required paperwork for the Health Office. The fall sports try-outs for girls basketball and boys soccer start in August. Cross country is no-cut and enrollment starts in August, as well. Students may not try-out or enroll in the sports without a current physical on file in the health office so get those school and sports physicals done this summer, while you have some time!

You can anticipate that you will receive newsletters from me at least once a month to keep you informed about school events and important reminders. We will also be creating a school Facebook Page, Instagram account and Twitter page to keep our community informed.

Information From The Health Office

In order for students to be ready for school and after-school sports we want to ensure our parents are informed of the health requirements.

  • Annual health examinations are required for interscholastic sports participation. Physical exams are required- before trying out- for participation in an interscholastic sport. The exam form, completed and signed by a doctor, must be dated within 13 months prior to the start of practice or tryouts, and on file in the school nurse's office. Physical forms are available in the school office, online, and here: Certificate of Child Health Examination.
  • All students new to District 15 will require a current physical exam with all immunizations up to date (Certificate of Child Health Examination), and students new to the State of Illinois will require an eye examination. This form is available in the school office, online, and here: State of Illinois Eye Examination Report.
  • All students must provide proof of immunizations by October 15, 2023, or the student will be excluded from school. The list of current immunizations can be found on the district website here: IDPH Health Requirements.
  • Students with health conditions such as asthma, epilepsy/seizures, severe allergies, and diabetes require the emergency action plan completed by their physician along with the Medication Administration Forms, signed by the physician and parent, for any medications required at school. Please bring all forms and medications on or before the first day of school.

If you have any questions regarding the above requirements, you may reach me school nurse at


Walk Your Schedule is an opportunity for current students to walk through Plum Grove and navigate their schedule prior to the first day of school. This event will occur for 45 minutes during our Teacher Institute Day. Please know that teachers have meetings that will begin immediately following this event.


Monday, Aug. 14th, 12-12:45pm


2600 Plum Grove Road Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-2042

Students will not receive locker assignments until the first day of school. So, please leave your school supplies at home.


We want to ensure a safe arrival and dismissal for all of our students at Plum Grove. Doors will open at 7:20 for students to enter the building. Seventh grade students will enter through Door 1 and eighth grade students will enter through Door 2. Please note, that students will not be able to enter the school prior unless they are part of before school activity.


Students that take a school bus to school will be dropped off in the main parking lot. They will also be picked up from the same location at the end of the day. It is extremely important that students know their bus route numbers so they can find their bus at the end of the day in the parking lot.


As you pull into the parking lot please watch for any directional signs. If you enter from Old Plum Grove Road you may only turn right when entering the parking lot to avoid our bus traffic. Please follow the flow of traffic for everyone's safety.

Fall Sports Information

BOYS SOCCER (cut-sport):

Registration Deadline- August 18th

7th grade tryouts: Wednesday, August 23rd & Thursday, August 24th (2:15-4:00)

8th grade tryouts: Monday, August 21st & Tuesday, August 22nd (2:15-4:00)

1st Practice: Monday, August 28th (2:15-4:00)

D15 Tournament - October 11-12

Rain Dates: October 16-17

Coaches - Mr. Arnieri and Ms. Lucash


Registration Deadline- August 18th

7th grade tryouts: Wednesday, August 23rd & Thursday, August 24th (2:15-4:00)

8th grade tryouts: Monday, August 21st & Tuesday, August 22nd (2:15-4:00)

1st Practice: Monday, August 28th (2:15-4:00)

D15 Tournament - October 16-17

Coaches - Mr. Bruns and Ms. Pike

CROSS COUNTRY (no cut-sport):

Registration Deadline- August 22nd

Last Day to Join is August 29th

1st Practice: Tuesday, August 23rd (2:15-4:00)

D15 Meet - October 18

Mr. Ouimet, Mrs. Bridges, Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Wierzbicki, Mr. Freeman, Ms. Gardiner

* Please note that times/dates are subject to change. Students should look for more information on announcements, flyers, and sign up opportunities during the first few days of school!

*Your child MUST have a current physical on file in our office in order to tryout/participate in a sport.

If a student is cut from a fall sport they can still participate in Cross Country following tryouts.



It is extremely helpful if students know their street names as the routes are based on their street names.

Important Dates to Remember

  • August 11th- D15 Board of Education Meeting
  • August 14th, 15th, 16th- August Institute Days/No Student Attendance
  • August 14th- 12:00-12:45 Walk Your Schedule
  • August 17th- First Day of School- Full day of School 7:35-2:15
  • September 4th- Labor Day- No School
  • September 7th- Parent Orientation