Panther News

April 6th - April 10th

Dear Le Monde Families,

And so it begins, our foray into distance learning. Starting today, it’s fair to say that learning will be different. We’re going to make the most of it and show our students that we care about them and to do our best to keep learning. Over the last couple of weeks, staff has worked hard to begin implementation of our distant learning plan to be ready for our April 6th start date. Teachers have already been reaching out to their students during the past week, just to make sure they’re doing well. The phone calls and virtual meetings have been all about connecting with each other. Next week, those calls will continue, but teachers will also be asking about our students’ ability to access the academic content we are providing.

We know that we can’t recreate the learning that takes place in a traditional classroom, so our activities will focus on learning for the sake of learning. We chose to create a menu of activities that all students can access. Yes, there are online activities, but we also have produced enrichment work in paper form that has been mailed to homes.

Though the current situation has affected learning for the remainder of this year, please know we are still looking at ways to finish out our school year with as much normalcy as possible.

For example, I have attached a link to this newsletter so you can still purchase a yearbook, we are working to reschedule our big obstacle course race along with other end of year celebrations, and have begun to interview for positions for next school year. Finally, enrollment packets and the supply list for the upcoming school year will be online very soon for returning and new students.

Any type of change is hard, but this is unprecedented change that was placed upon us without time to really prepare. We’ve all been through a lot in the last few weeks and, unfortunately, it doesn't have an end date in sight. So, I encourage you to take care of yourself and each other. By practicing patience, safety, and extending an abundance of grace we shall overcome this together.


Lance Seeright

Executive Director

Le Monde International School

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