Evander Holyfeild

By: Mike Shaw

Basic Information

Name- Evander Holyfeild

Birth Date- October 19, 1962 (Age 53)

Profession- Professional Boxer

Hometown- Atmore, Alabama

What Was His Obstacle?

Evander Holyfeild had a few obstacles that were seemingly going to stop him from achieving his dream to become a professional boxer. Long story short, he grew up in poverty and was known as a "good boy". Evander was told that people like him don't make it anywhere in life, he was destined to fail. He grew up wanting to become a boxer, but unfortunatly he grew up in Mike Tyson's shadow. Despite all odds and perhaps even the facts, this cruiser weight had to thrive to become heavyweight champion of the world.

Road To Success

He started in the ghetto of Alabama. A "good boy" always trying to stay out of trouble. His home was very small and he had many siblings, it was hard to get by. His mother approved of his behavior, as his father said he'd get nowhere. That ensured the idea in Evander's mind, he will never be anything.

Amateur Hour

Evander eventually took on the life style of a boxer. His amateur years started off discouraging as well. Quote Evander,"Everyone thought I was a joke. I couldn't even beat this white kid in a sparring match at our low quality gym in the middle of the ghetto. Man could that white kid fight." But despite all odds he kept training willing to escape these streets of poverty and shame.
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Professional Obstacle Over-comer

Even as a professional boxer, Evander still faced many difficulties. Fighting in the intimidating shadow of Mike Tyson's heavyweight champion reign Evander had new issues to resolve. Not only he was aging and running out of time to face Tyson, but he also had major health issues. He had a bad heart. Until he took his chances and possibly cure his disease, it was not safe for him to enter the ring.He had to act,and fast, for his life, and his legacy. After an extended period of time, he suppressed his illness and resumed his professional career.

His Legacy

After doing the impossible to get here, Evander only has one more goal, to beat Tyson. Winner by split decision Evander Holyfeild achieved his dream and became the heavyweight champion of the world.