8th Grade ELA News

August 31st, 2015 THis Week

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Our Learning Targets

Our goals this week are:

  • Continue to read Bad Boy, examining the text for cultural context and author's word choice.
  • Analyze how word choice creates tone and mood in literature and nonfiction.
  • Analyze how figurative language and literal language can effect writing.
  • Students should be reading at least 30 minutes per night.
  • Independent reading books must be read by Wednesday, September 16th.

8th Grade ELA Overview

During each unit, students will explore the elements of effective writing, read and analyze fiction and nonfiction, and develop reading strategies. Students will examine literature from the perspective of a writer and use their study of literature to improve their own writing. Students will improve their vocabulary through a variety of activities. Utilizing mentor sentences, students will analyze grammatical structures in writing. Students will maintain a portfolio to demonstrate their growth in language arts. Reading, writing, language, viewing, speaking and listening skills will be developed through a variety of individual and group assignments.