Theme: Perseverence

  • After Sounder got shot he fought to stay alive, because he wanted to get back home to his family again. When father went to jail, mother was the one that had to provide for the family, and take care of the boy and get dinner on the table every night, by herself. Father hunted for his family not knowing if he could get hurt, and then he went to jail and got hurt a lot sometimes by guards but mostly in the fields. The boy went out looking for his father not knowing what might happen but knowing that it was dangerous and he still did it because he wanted his father back, he also brought the cake into town to give to his father to give him hope but the guard tor it up just so that he could see if there was anything dangerous in it that he might give to his father.


  • Jackie Robinson made history in 1947 when he broke baseball's color barrier. In 1949 he won the league MVP award and then he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame wall. His manager Branch Rickey offered him the chance to break the organized baseball color line, and he also agreed to Rickey’s terms, that he not respond to the abuse that he would later face. 50 years after he integrated baseball his number, 42, was permanently retired by every team in major league baseball. Robinson’s lifetime struggle continued to his last public appearance nine days before he died, he told the television viewers of an old timers game “ I’d like to see a black manager".

  • Jackie Robinson played baseball because he loved it even though he knew that not a lot of people wanted him out there. He had a lot of people abusing him with words because of his darker skin color. Robinson proved them all wrong by winning a ton of awards and getting in the hall of fame, and having his jersey number retired by all of the major league baseball teams. The crowds thought that he was a lesser player because of his skin colored but he proved to be one of the best major league baseball players in history.

Video of pet/human relationship

  • A black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lily went missing on Friday June 25th 2010 and has been gone for 22 months. The owner has never really been able to find a dog that was right until Lily came along. The dog had no siblings and the family had left like she had vanished into thin air. Both the owner and dog had missed on another very much. Then one day they got a call saying the someone had found the dog and the next day they went to get it and there family felt whole, they said that it help like a miracle.

  • Like in the video, Sounder didn’t get a chance to say goodbye like this family.They both experienced hard times of not being with their family. The families were both really sad and unhappy when they left. When the dogs came home they were both really happy and excited.

Anticipation Guide

  • I think that the color of someones skin can not tell you anything about them or what they are like on the inside. Some darker skinned people feel uncomfortable around white people but they should feel like they belong not like if they talk to white people they will be mean to them because of their skin. When people see darker skinned people they usually think that they are bad and might hurt them but sometimes white people are the bad people. A lot of the darker color people get judged based on their color by white people and that’s not right because them only difference is there skin color.

Father, daughter, and dog

  • The two stories are alike because the father and dog both died but the dad died first.The dog was very attached to the father in both stories. They are both different because in sounder the father liked Sounder always, but in The father, daughter, and dog The father didn’t like that dog at first. In sounder the father was sent off the jail but in The father, daughter, and dog the father was sick and wasn’t healthy.