Of Monsters and Dinosaurs

Drew and Ryan Brinda


In the book Frankstein, the protagonist is Victor because of him being the main character and trying to get around different obstacles that his creature that he created throws at him. The antagonist is the monster that Victor created because of how he kept threatening Victor and causing him problems. In the movie Jurassic Park, the protagonists are Dr. Alan Grant and John Hammonds at Jurassic Park the day that the dinosaurs break out of their fenced area. The antagonists in Jurassic Park are all the different dinosaurs that attack the people in the park.


In Frankstein, an example of Man vs. Himself is when Victor battles his own creature he created throughout the enough book. Victor created the problem for himself when he tried to design a creature that would help society, not effect it. In Jurassic Park, there was a major issue of Man vs. Society. In the park, the people had to battle the dinosaurs that approached them in society, and had to figure out different ways to survive.


In Frankstein, a theme would be that knowledge can be a dangerous thing because of how Victor creating a monster when he was really trying to help all of man-kind in a better way. In Jurassic Park, a big theme is the potential dangers of just using technology because when their computers broke down at Jurassic Park it caused havoc. In both the stories, a theme is that danger can come quickly and unexpected because of how in both situations caused major panic, but they were because of two complete different events.

Ending Scenes

A similarity that occurs in both stories endings is that the protagonists find a way to resolve the issue and danger that there was. For example, in Frankstein, Victor devoted the rest of his life to finding the monster that he created. Also, in Jurassic Park, the protagonists figured out a way to turn back on the computers and electric fences to save the people that were in the park. The difference that happened in both stories is that one of the protagonists ended up one better than the other. In Frankstein, Victor dies because of a illness that hits him when he was traveling. While, in Jurassic Park, both protagonists survived and helped save the lives of many others.


First, in Frankenstein, Waltons quest was to eventually make it all the way to the North Pole. Frankenstein's quest was to create a new form of life and to become the master of that race. The creature's quest was to seek out a mate and friends even though everyone was afraid and frightened by him. Next, in Jurassic Park, Dr. Grant's quest was to open up a park for everyone in the world to come to and see dinosaurs back alive again. Lastly, Mr. Hammond quest was to first see whether he approved of Jurrasic Park and then was to help save everyone from the dinosaurs and monsters.