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This Week's Shout OUTS:

  • Thanks for incentives to get the Boosterthon money in! We only have $6,000 more to collect! Keep it up!

  • To Jane for helping me with Science Festival!

  • To Tiffany and Melissa for organizing our Science Festival! What a terrific event!

  • To Johanna and Sheila for organizing simple activities for Earth Week!

  • To 2nd and 4th grade teachers for helping a lot with recess this week due to several absences - we appreciate your understanding!

PES Core Beliefs

  • Everyone is of value and has a gift to share.
  • We each learn at a different pace.
  • Everyone deserves a quality education.
  • Relationships are key.
  • Teaching the whole child is essential.
  • Every child deserves a fair chance.


Teacher Advisory Council discussed this week that a noticeable difference had occurred in transition times outside as requested in last week's In the Know. Thank you for helping contribute to that outcome - Keep it up in the coming weeks as we all get a little friskier!

End of Year Testing Schedule

May 26

5th Grade Science EOG

May 27

4th Grade Science NCFE

5th Grade Science EOG makeups

June 1st

Reading EOG grades 3,4,5

June 2nd

Math EOG grades 3,4,5

June 3rd

EOG Makeups

June 6

4th Grade NCFE Social Studies

Makeups for all other grades

June 7

Compacted Math Assessment for select 5th graders

Reading EOG Retest for select 3rd graders

Additional makeups if needed.

How About This?

PES has been selected as the site for the Active Routes to School media campaign for 2016. We will have NC DOT and NC Health and Human Serviced, our Mayor, Pinehurst PD, Dr. Bob and several others at our Bike to School event on May 4th! We are delighted! Some get ready to participate if you're interested!

In the Week Ahead.....


Pledge - Dontje

Bus pm - Davidson

Auditorium - Haarlow/O'Neal

TA am - Easom/Rodgers

MClass Window Opens - Students available to all assessors 7:30-8:15 each day. Don't forget to make sure we celebrate as they work SO hard to do their best!

READ FIVE GET FIVE KICKS OFF! Help us remind anyone and everyone to bring in books so our kiddos get books to take home for the summer!


Schoolwide Pajama Day!


PLC Meetings with Angie during regular PLC times



Bike to School Day - IF you wear a PES shirt, you may wear jeans!

Recycling Truck from 1-2pm

Committee Meetings after school

Ciccone - Leadership


Kindergarten Program - PTA Meeting 6:30pm


Butterfly Lady - K/1st grade

Robotics Showcase at PHS

4th Grade Field Trip to Raleigh

In the Coming Weeks....

SRI Window

May 9-20

May 11th

Faculty Meeting and Testing Meeting - This will be a long meeting for those who give tests - EC, 3,4,5, Specials Teachers. Please plan accordingly.

May 20

Carolina Philharmonic Field Trip for 1st and 2nd graders

May 24

K-1 Field Day

May 25

2-5 Field Day

May 26

First Grade Field Trip to Weymouth

Science EOG - 5th Grade

May 27

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

Science NCFE 4th Grade and 5th Grade Science EOG Makeups

May 31st

1st Grade Program 6:30pm

June 1st

EOGs Reading - Grades 3,4,5

Teachers help with lunch/recess

June 2nd

EOGs Math - Grades 3,4,5

Teachers help with lunch/recess

June 3rd

NCFE - Social Studies - 5th Grade

Makeup Testing

Teachers help with lunch/recess

June 6th

NCFE - Social Studies 4th Grade

June 7

Teachers help with Lunch/Recess

3rd Grade Reading Re-Test

EOG Makeups

Compacted Math Testing for select 5th graders

3rd Grade Celebration at Cannon Park

5th grade Promotion 6pm

June 8

5th grade Celebration - Camelot Park PM

June 9

Last day - early release for students

June 10

Required workday

August 9-11

New Teacher Induction

August 15-17

Summer Teacher Academy

August 25

Required teacher workday - District PD