MiniSoda Can Crushing Company

Yes you CAN!

Our Goal

Our goal here at the MiniSoda CCC is to deliver the most efficient and reliable can crushing services possible. No other company crushes the most amount of cans in so little time at such a low price.


The president of this company is Rebecca Soller. Rebecca has done a wonderful job moving this company in the right direction. The success of this company can be attributed to Rebecca Soller's excellent leadership. Rebecca has also greatly contributed to the construction of the can crusher.


Years of research from the entire company went in to innovating the most efficient can crusher, and we've succeded in doing so. Our quality in terms of research and innovation is comparable to that of Elon Musk of Tesla, Paypal, and SpaceX.


The design of this can crusher was to be able to crush any can up to 70%. Our first plan was to create a mechanism that when cans were crushed with a large pneumatic cylinder, they would fall off a hold without a second cylinder ejecting them. However, after some research and a few failed attempts, we have decided that the cans should get crushed and ejected using pneumatic cylinders. Going on with the second plan, the small ejecting cylinder was measured to figure out the length of the base where it will be located. The large cylinder was measured and the base measurements were achieved. The team had to determine how far away the cylinders should be from the cans. Then our idea was for the crushing cylinder should be 2 inches away from the cans. The 6 inch cylinder crushed the 5 inch can, 1 inch of the can wouldn't be crushed to prevent the pressure from breaking the wood.


Testing went relatively smoothly. It took quite some time to successfully program the robotic arm, but we have accomplished it. We have also had a few difficulties gluing the parts together. However, we have succeeded.

Final Design

This is the final design with its new measurements and added pneumatics fully constructed, finished, and ready to be used.