Elements of an Epic

Emma Bates

Legendary Hero

The legendary hero in the Odyssey is Odysseus. He was the inventor of the Trojan Horse that was used to sneak into the Greece and slaughter them all. He was a very skillful thinker and always had a plan.
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Super Human Strength/Valor

Odysseus displays his strength throughout the Odyssey. In the slain/slaughter of the suitors, Odysseus proves his superiority strength over those of the normal man.
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Supernatural Involvement

The supernatural involvement in the Odyssey are of course, the gods. Athena is Odysseus's aid, Poseidon is the villain, and Zeus really isn't involved much.

Multiple Settings

Many settings are described and also play an important part in Odysseus's journey. Many of the settings take place on islands. the Sea and he visits the underworld in search of the prophet Tiresias.

Omniscient Narration

Throughout the Odyssey, the narrator uses 3rd person omniscient. He writes as though he is a god and is witnessing all of what is or has happened and what takes place in the story.
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Epic Style of Writing

Epic style of writing includes Epic similes, metaphors, and Epithets.
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