Where is Middle-Earth?

Scotland, of course!


Dia duit , tá mo ainm Hannah , agus sin é an fáth Creidim go bhfuil Albain an réigiún is fearr le haghaidh Meán - Domhan . (Hello, my name is Hannah, and this is why I believe Scotland is the best region for Middle-Earth.) [in Celtic]

I think Scotland is the place that best resembles Middle-Earth because of many things. These consist of language, culture, and landscape. The language is mainly English, but has many different regional dialects. This can represent the different dialects spoken in different regions in Middle-Earth by different creatures. Also, there is an old traditional language, Celtic, that can relate to the ancestral language of Dwarvish. The Scottish traditions and living habits have been passed down through generations for over thousands of years, much like Middle-Earthian people. The landscape (as pictured above) is very lush, mountainous, and rocky (in some places) just as the varied landscape of Middle-Earth. All of these things, along with others, lead me to believe that Scotland is the perfect Middle-Earth.


I believe that Scotland looks and acts like as much like Middle-Earth as possible. I know this because The landscape can be compared to that of the valley of Rivendell, the Misty Mountains, and various castles across the region. (pictured below.) There are many other regions that are similar to Middle-Earth as well. Such as the shoreline near Strome castle. This could represent the Lower Gate on the side of the goblin residences. In the book, it is described as sunny with a few trees scattered about for cover. This is much like the area near the remains of Strome castle.

Some photographs to represent Middle Earth...

Counter Claim

There are some people who say that other regions of the world area good fit for Middle-Earth, such as Canada, Alaska, and Iceland. I do have to say that these would make good areas for Middle-Earth, but they have some flaws. Canada and Alaska for example, have a good landscape for Middle-Earth in some parts, but in others, they are purely a frozen tundra, which is not mentioned as an aspect of Middle-Earth. New Zealand, on the other hand, has a perfect landscape for a good Middle-Earth, but the cultures don't necessarily line up. Scotland, however, has all of these things, a good landscape, culture, and languages. This is why I think that Scotland out-dos any other region.


There are many supporting factors that show why Scotland is the best place for Middle-Earth to be located, such as the language, landscape, and culture. All of them are very near to Middle-Earth's daily life, so that is why I believe that Scotland would be the best pick.