Tiger Talk

Congratulations on a GREAT First Day of School!

What a great day! We could not have made it without our hardworking volunteers and staff!

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to our parents who hung with us during dismissal. I know how long that car line was today, but as kids continue to learn the routines and expectations, it will go much faster.

As a reminder, Kindergarten parents are able to walk their child(ren) into the building tomorrow and Friday. Please keep your green wristband on to allow you to enter the building without obtaining a visitor badge at the Raptor kiosks. If a Kinder parent is not wearing a green band, he/she will need to stop by the office to obtain a visitor's badge.

I hope you all have a great evening and I am looking forward to seeing all my Tigers tomorrow.



If you have already registered in SMARTTag, please go back into the SMARTTag parent portal and verify that your child(ren)'s dismissal default accurately reflects how you would like your child to go home most days. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

If you need to make a change to the way your child goes home for a specific day, please log in to SMART TAG and submit a temporary change. The cut off time to make changes is 2:00 pm.

All parents, it is very important for your default to be correct as we will be sending students home based on the information in SMART TAG.

West Cypress Hills Dismissal Procedures

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Transportation Backpack Tags

WCHE staff and volunteers affixed a transportation tag to your student(s)'s backpack on the front side of the right shoulder strap this afternoon. It is important that the badge remain in that position so that the badge can be easily reached by the student for scanning purposes.

All students in grades K-2 should have a red ID tag on their backpacks. Red tags signify that the student is younger and may need special assistance. If the student is a bus rider it also indicates to the driver that the student should not be allowed to get off the bus unless an authorized person is there to escort the student home. A green tag is issued to grades 3 - 5 students who are more likely to be able to find their own way to their dismissal destination points and can get off of the bus without an escort if they happen to be bus riders.

Escorted and Unescorted Walkers

With the elimination of bus services in the West Cypress Hills neighborhood, the number of students who are designated as walkers has significantly increased.

Because the safety of our students is our top priority, parents will NOT be able to pull up and/or park on Sabino Drive to pick up walkers. ONLY students walking to their homes or another parent-designated area will be dismissed from the exit off Sabino Dr. A staff member will be outside to kindly ask parents who are waiting and/or parked off Sabino to secure their place in the car rider line. A staff member will ensure your child is transported back to the car line for pick up.

If you indicated your child was going to be a walker and had planned to park and pick up off Sabino Dr., please make the necessary changes in SMART Tag.

We appreciate your understanding.

We will dismiss the unescorted walkers before releasing the escorted walkers to their parent/guardian.

Escorted Walkers:

Parents will meet their child at the door on Sabino Drive.

Unescorted Walkers:

Students will be escorted to the crosswalk at the corner of Sabino and Cypress Ranch Blvd (turning right) and down the school side of Sabino drive (turning left). Please make sure to escort your child across any street.


Bus riders are picked up in the afternoon behind the cafeteria. Staff escorts will be present and assist with loading. Buses will depart the school at approximately 3:05 pm.


Car riders will be dismissed from the front car loop. Please have your tag displayed from your rear view mirror.

If you are in need of a car tag, please call the front office for assistance. The first car tag will be provided for free and each additional car tag is $1 each payable in exact cash/coin or check payable to WCHE.


Bikers park near the front entrance of the school, enter through the front doors and depart from door #3 near the front door. Bikers will be escorted to the side of Sabino Drive by staff members.

Extended Care

Students who attend the after school extended care program will be escorted to the cafeteria by a staff member.