Mrs. Dixon's Class ENewsletter

Week 28

Happy April Room 306 Families!

I hope you all enjoyed a fun-filled, relaxing Spring Break! I spent the entire week camping on the beach with my family and loved every second of it! Students, BELIEVE me, I know it will be hard to get back into the swing of things tomorrow but I promise we'll have a fun week :)

April is Poetry Month so this week we are kicking off our unit with lots of exciting activities with poetry. If you have any favorite poem books at home you want to bring in and share please do so!

We are also finishing up our Fractions Unit so we can begin our Measurement Unit next week :)

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is our TESTING WEEK- don't worry, as we've discussed, it's just a practice as our school is piloting the Smarter Balanced Assessments (formerly the CST/STAR testing). We will work hard on taking these tests on the Chromebooks but with zero stress! Just testing out the waters of this new State Test so you'll be ready next year for when it really does count :)

IMPORTANT: Students NEED to be HERE AND ON TIME each day we are testing, otherwise they'll be sent to another classroom for the entire morning. They will then have to make up the test at a later date with other students who also missed a testing portion.

What's Happenin' in Room 306?

  • THIS AND NEXT WEEK: Room 306's Smarter Balanced Testing (Computerized State Testing) Dates: Mon April 5th, Tues. April 6th, Wed. April 7th, Mon. April 14th, Tues. April 15th. Please make sure your child is here and on time for these testing days or they will have to make up the testing in another classroom at a later date.

Donations Needed

  • Student earphones for Chromebooks (will be used solely by that student and will be returned at end of the ear)
  • Prizes for prize box
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Lysol wipes

Please watch students' Planet 306 News below to hear about the week before Spring Break and see Field Trip and Spring Party videos!

A HUGE thank you to all parent chaperones for the field trip, Room Parents (Mrs. Sedlmayer and Mrs. Hainey), and all parent helpers for making our Spring Party a BLAST!

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Thank you Room 306 Families!!

Christine Dixon

3rd Grade Teacher

San Elijo Elementary

San Marcos Unified School District