Kindergarten Kingdom News...

Mrs. Johnson's and Mrs. Lawlor's Kindergarten Class

We are learning...

Reading and Language Arts: We read some fun books this week. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro was one of our favorites! We also read a book about forces called Newton and Me by Lynne Mayer. This STEM book helped us understand about pushes, pulls, and friction.

Math: We talked about measuring this week. We learned how to measure using non-standard units. We used cubes and paperclips to measure. We made a Skittle graph and then "tasted the rainbow"! It's always fun to eat your work!

Science/Social Studies: We had our turn with the STEM kit this week! We learned about force- pushes and pulls, discovered the effects of friction, and designed some very impressive contraptions using the Goldie Blox kit. We also had a visit with Katie Walls, meteorologist from WSBTV 2 News, to learn about weather.

Things to remember...

  • Our new exploratory class schedule for the last nine weeks is: Monday: ART, Tuesday- PE, Wednesday- MUSIC, Thursday-TECHNOLOGY, Friday- PE.
  • Report cards went home on Thursday, March 17th. Please remember to sign the signature page AND report card envelope and return ASAP.
  • The Kedron Family Fun Night is tonight- Friday, March 18th. There will be lots of baskets and "teacher time" items up for raffle. It will be a fun night...don't forget your dancing shoes!
  • Our KIndergarten Egg Hunt is scheduled for Friday, March 25th. We are asking for each student to bring in 12 plastic eggs (filled with individually wrapped treats, stickers, or small toys.) Please do not send these in before March 23rd. We do not have room to store them in the classroom. ALSO...students are asked to bring a basket/bag to collect their eggs for the egg hunt on Friday, March 25th. Thanks so much!
  • Please continue to help your student practice saying his/her address- including city, county, state, country, and continent.
  • Please continue to practice counting to 100!

Important Dates:

March 18: PTO Family Fun Night at Kedron 6:00-8:30 pm

March 25: Kindergarten Egg Hunt @ 9:30 am

March 31: Chorus Spring Concert @ 7:00 pm

April 4-8: Spring Break--NO SCHOOL!