Weekly Update: April 3-10

Harrisburg North Middle School

Week in Review

The 1.5 weeks of distance learning are complete! Whew! This is not easy and we SO appreciate all the work parents, students, and staff are putting in to help our students continue to engage intellectually with academics.

This weeks newsletter includes the following:

  • Locker clean out
  • Schedule for April 6-17 (Easter holiday and days off)
  • Weekly Password
  • Parent Portal
  • Tutor Help Line
  • Attendance
  • Distance Learning
  • Contacts: Administration, tech support, counseling staff
  • Note from the Counselors

Locker Pick-Up

Locker Pick-Up Procedure

6th Grade Pick Up: Monday, April 6 10:00-1:00

7th Grade Pick Up: Tuesday, April 7 10:00-1:00

8th Grade Pick Up: Wednesday, April 8 10:00-1:00

Starting at 10:00 each day, parents may use the bus loop to drive up to the music wing doors. You can access the bus loop by taking the west entrance into the school's rear parking lot and then take the first left.

You will need to know your learner's locker number. Please ask your learner what number their locker is and if they are unsure, have them email their advisory teacher to find out before your assigned pick-up date. Staff will bring your learner's belongings directly to your car to ensure we are following recommended guidelines for social distancing.

If you have more than one student at North Middle School, please contact Mr. Fesler (micah.fesler@k12.sd.us) or Mrs. Olinger (amanda.olinger@k12.sd.us). Let us know which day you will be coming, and we will have everything ready for you to minimize the number of trips.

School Schedule for April 6-17 Holiday break

Big picture

Password for April 6-17--June99

Believe it or not, there are people who aren't trying to be a parent, teacher, and full-time worker from their home and those people fill their days by crashing a zoom session and posting videos, pictures, or comments that are inappropriate. To protect our students and staff from these "trolls" we will have a school-wide password each week. This will be the password to access any NMS zoom session. We will share the password on our weekly email, and teachers will share in their communications with students. Please do not share any of our zoom session links or passwords on social media. THE PASSWORD WILL CHANGE EVERY MONDAY AT 1:30.

Check Parent Portal / Infinite Campus

Parents and Students

During distance learning, your BEST companion will be Parent Portal (aka Infinite Campus). Here is a list of what you can access from that one spot:

  • Grades--students and parents can see any missing work and help ensure your student is completing work.
  • Messages--almost every email sent out will also go to your inbox in Parent Portal.
  • Attendance and Behavior--while this won't be used much now that students are at home, but parents can always check these two items frequently to ensure students are meeting expectations with work and online behaviors.

Distance Learning

HNMS One Stop

On our website, we have a "one stop" where parents and students have easy access to

  • overview of the week's plan.
  • grade level's office hours
  • links to access those help sessions
  • Check it out!

Tutor Help Line

Our tutor team is available to help students throughout each school day.

The Tutor Help Line is open 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday

Students simply join a tutor live zoom session and can get help!

Elective Courses

Your learner has been assigned an elective teacher who will connect with your child and track elective coursework. Students can check their schedule on Infinite Campus and see the teacher assigned to them in the "Curriculum" class period.

Your child will be able to have access to ALL of the elective course activities each week, and they can select 2 to complete from the elective offering. If your child wants to complete more than two elective activities, they certainly can, but they are only required to select two elective activities per week.

If your child is in band and/or choir, they will need to do one band/choir activity, and one elective activity of their choice.

Google Classroom Codes

Mrs. VandenTop: vj4jgsd

Ms. Ditmanson: wjxsc3f

Mr. Baumgartner: hjlavoo

Mrs. Weidenbach: bzycrmu

Ms. Howes: pncl4l4

Mrs. Funke: k3g2kcp

Mrs. Nelson: h53s3j4

Ms. Waldner: qkrteb2


Your child will have access to 8 wellness activities each week.

Each student selects 5 activities to complete (1 per day).

The Wellness Google Classroom code for ALL students is eknxna7.

Please join that classroom using this code today.


Completion of schoolwork will count as attendance to school, so it is important students turn in work by 8:00 p.m. Sunday. The administration will be monitoring missing work and adjusting attendance accordingly.

What Your Learner Needs to Do

  • Your learner needs to check their email daily to see correspondence, learning schedules, and other communication from their teachers. If your learner is not receiving emails, have them check their Message Center on Infinite Campus.

  • Your learner will need to do 3 lessons each day
    • two academic lessons
    • one wellness lesson
    • Expect your learner will need to spend about 3 hours a day working on schoolwork.

  • Your learner needs to submit lessons for the week by 8:00 p.m. on Sundays (of course, they can submit lessons before this deadline.)

Zoom Updates

On Thursday, students were blocked from logging into Zoom and hosting meetings from their devices.

Students do not need to login to zoom to attend a meeting with their teachers.

To Join a Meeting:

  • Click on the provided link
  • Enter the password (bacon74 until Monday, April 6th @ 1:30 then June99)
  • Click the big blue button that says "Join A Meeting"
  • Enter the meeting ID number
  • Enter the password (bacon74 until Monday, April 6th @ 1:30 then June99)

Admin Team

Support Staff at HNMS

From the Counselors

Hello from the HNMS School Counseling Center!

We are reaching out to you as your learner's school counselor(s) and we miss your learner(s)! We want you to know that even though our school building is not open, we are here to support your learner during this time. We are available via Zoom for virtual check-ins or via email. Learners can set up virtual appointments to check in with us Monday-Friday 11:00 am-3:30 pm. Also, we are working to develop a google classroom with social/emotional resources for all learners.

Virtual counseling (counseling via email, phone, etc.) has some limitations that ethically I am obligated to share with you. Counseling is most effective when it includes non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language. Virtual counseling doesn't allow for this. Additionally, confidentiality is a little harder to ensure with virtual counseling. Virtual counseling can more easily be overheard than in-person conversations in the privacy of my office. Emails are also less confidential than one on one meetings in the privacy of my office.

In accordance with the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), school counselors working in a virtual setting provide a comprehensive school counseling program through the use of technology and distance (virtual/online/e-learning) counseling with the same standards and adherence to ethics as school counselors working in traditional school settings. School counselors work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure equity, access, and success of all students. School counselors provide school counseling services but do not provide therapy. I am more than happy to provide referrals to outside counselors as needed. If your child shares, they have thoughts of hurting themselves, thoughts of hurting others or someone is hurting them, we will break confidentiality to keep them safe.

In non-emergency situations, learners and parents/guardians may reach out to me via email. I am checking email Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM and respond within 24 hours. In life-threatening emergencies please call 911. If emergencies are non-life threatening, please consider these resources:

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Boys Town Hotline: 1-800-448-3000

Crisis Text Line is the free, 24/7, confidential text message. Text HOME to 741741

Call the Helpline: 211 for additional resources

We look forward to supporting your learner during these challenging times. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance.

Krista.Groeneweg@k12.sd.us (6th (TL), 7th (PL), 8th (Siberian), Advanced Learning

Allison.Weideman@k12.sd.us (6th (PL), 7th (TL), 8th (Bengal)