The Goddess and Her Glory


Zeus has always loved Hera, but Hera ignored him. Finally, she said "I will not Marry you!" Zeus asked why and Hera said that you've loved a lot of other people. Zeus then said, "I've never loved anyone like you. After that, Zeus kept giving Her gifts and presents until Hera was looking for Zeus, but nobody could find him. Hera found him in the bushes, laying on a blanket with a cow. It's name was Io.

Hera and Zeus were finally getting married and later, Alcmene had a baby whose mane was Alcides, who killed 2 serpents in the night. Alcmene let the baby outside and Hermes and Athena found it. They brought it to Hera so it could survive by getting milk.

Hera did but she said that when he gets older, he will have to do ten labors: Kill the lion of Nemea, Kill the Hydra of lerna, capture the stag of ceryneia, capture the erymanthian boar, Destroy the stymphalian birds, cleaning the stables, capture the cretan bull, Fetch the mare of Diomedes, fetch the girdle of hippolyta, and hold the sky in place of atlas.