9/11 as a conspiracy

by: Myria Carroll

9/11 Event

were a series of four coordinated terrorist, September 11, 2001.attacks by the Islamic terrorist on the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. area on September 11, 2001

Theory 1- The U.S government was apart of the attack or knew and didn't stop it.

According to Kevin Ryan he heard reports saying the building was coming down. Ryan states, "We heard reports that the building would be best fit would either come down on its own or it would be taken down."

Furthermore, "the government denies any foreknowledge of the attack." This evidence tells us that no, the government didn't know a thing about the attack they were just as shocked as anyone else.

There are many reasons why the buildings fell like it did. It was built by the NIST but it was unpredictable attack. This author does not tell us how the government know anything of the incident. The government was as shocked as everyone else . Now today the executive branch acknowledges and remember 9/11.

Theory #2

Theory #2:

Source #2

The author claim was that the collapse began due to cascading structural failures of the airplane impact location. The intense fire from the plane cause the floor to sag pulling the perimeter walls.

He states that the "inner core plowed one floor after another." If the structure of the building was much more differently the building wouldn't had fell. The structural support was provided by a dense grouping a thick central core columns in the interior and the perimeters walls on the outside." There was much more evidence he had against his claim stating that "the time it took for the fires to reach critical locations and weakened the structure to the point that the towers could not resist the energy." All the evidence the author (Dave Thomas)gives tells us why the building fell the way it did. The author opposes the 2nd theory.

Myth vs Truth Analysis

I believe that the towers had fallen the way it did by the construction of the building and the incident was unexpected. I find this theory true because there was pretty much a lot of evidence of how the building had fell. For example Source #2 told me a lot saying that "The resistance at every step of the collapse as the upper section collided with and incorporated each floor below." Source #3: "the structure below the level of the collapse initiation offer minimal resistance to the falling building." Theory 1 saying the government was apart and knew about the towers falling before anyone else did didn't have enough information for it to be true. It only told how it would've fallen one day but it doesn't state how the government was apart of the plan of 9/11 everyone was shocked about the towers falling. The tower fell the way it did because of the construction and the fire made the floors collapse one by one in the matter of minutes and seconds causing people to die. This information proves that theory #2 is right it is the truth before 9/11 theory #1 is a myth the government wasn't apart of the 9/11 terrorist plan.

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