Demi Powell

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Personal Information

  • My name is Demi Powell and i am currently 18 years old.
  • I was born in Rockingham and have lived there since.
  • I am the oldest of three kids, my brother being 15 and my sister being 11.
  • During Years 4 and 5 I was homeschooled while travelling around Australia with my family.


  • I graduated from Kolbe Catholic College in 2014
  • I began my studies in a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education in 2015 at the University of Notre Dame.
  • I am currently at the end of my first semester of a four year degree.

Why Teaching?

As someone who comes from a large family, with more than 25 cousins younger than me, i have always been involved with young children. I have loved babysitting and helping them all with school, often volunteering for 'cousin help' as they all call it.

I feel like teaching is something that I would love to do as i would feel as though i was making a difference in children lives. Helping kids at the very start of their life is something

I view as extremely important. I personally believe that the first years of schooling of a a child's life are the most vital to ensure success and i would feel honoured to play a part in that.


  • Graduate from Notre Dame as a qualified Early Childhood Educator
  • Teach in early childhood environments, preferably kindergarten and pre-primary classes.

Contact Details

Email -

Mobile - 0451 410 067