High Ability Learners

Bellevue Public Schools

Some General Characteristics of Intellectually Gifted Students

  • Retains information with less repetition
  • High verbal ability
  • Creative in generating thoughts, ideas, and actions
  • Sensitive
  • Passion for particular topics

Brain Research

When gifted students learn things quickly, simply giving them more work is not beneficial. Instead, collaborate with your building's HAL teacher to focus the content on advanced concepts and thinking skills with greater degrees of sophistication.

Just recently, scientists have discovered that gifted students have more neural connectors than typical learners (Geake, 2008). This means they are able to process information at a more rapid pace. They can make abstract connections between ideas and thoughts.

Memorizing facts becomes easy for them. We should be asking them to sort, categorize, and generalize abstract information. An example of this: Once math facts have been memorized, students can synthesize how knowing math facts automatically can ensure greater efficiency in their daily life, and then possibly create a presentation for the class.

Differentiation for Gifted Learners, by Richard Cash