Light Savers

By: Michaela, Employees: Zoe, Chloe, Jocelyn A, & Joslyn P


  • Michaela is the manager!:)
  • Zoe is the electrical engineer!:)
  • Chloe is the electrician technician!:)
  • Jocelyn A is the Web designer!:)
  • Joslyn P is the advertisement specialist!:)
  • Dahkota is no longer working with us/was helping at once!:)

What we do!:)

  1. We help people figure out which light-bulb to use.
  2. We also help people figure which one of those bulbs is better.
  3. We find out how to fix it.
  4. We make up a reasonable price for installing (if you need it).
  5. We will even have one of our employees or a specialist come to a store and pick out the light-bulb with you!