By: Kira O'Neill

What is Uruguays capital?

Uruguays capital is Montevideo.

What are Uruguays 4 major cities

The 4 major cities (not including Montevideo) is Salto, Paysandu, Las Pedras, and Rivera

Where is Uruguay

It is located between 53/58 west and 30/35 south

Physical features

In southern South America and boarding the south Atlantic Ocean.

Government type and leader

The government type is republic and the leader is Tabre Vasquez


The currency is Uruguayan peso

What should tourist do there

Tourist should visit the museums in the city's, visit historic buildings and city's, and also they should visit the beaches.

Why should people visit?

They should visit because the beaches are wonderful, people are really kind and easy going, "futbol" is great to watch, and lastly it has great colonial city's!