Mrs. Fobbe's Class

First Grade

Reading and Writing

Theme 4, Week 2, How Does Heat Cause Change?
  • Vocabulary words: fill, sign, freeze
  • Comprehension strategy determine importance

In reading, we are working on determining which information is important in a story. We continue to ask questions before, during, and after reading a book to check for comprehension. Practice this at home while reading your books.


This week we practiced words with the short u sound.


Finished topic 6, addition facts to 12.

  • Adding with 0, 1, 2
  • Doubles facts ( 4+4, 6+6)
  • Representing and recognizing numbers on a ten frame
  • Finding parts of 10
  • Making a table


We started our engineering kit, Catching the Wind. We are learning about a mechanical engineer.
On Election day we read the stories Duck for President and Grace for President. Then we voted! The students had to fill out a registration card and show it to me and then they voted and put it in the box. Then we tallied all the votes and found out that Duck was the winner. We did this instead, because it causes a lot less bickering between the students. :)


  • Keep reading books and filling out the scales after you read 10 books.

  • Make sure to send your book bags back to get new books.

  • Study your sight words and spelling words.

  • Homework comes home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


I added our link to Quizlet. You can go to the link and practice your sight words. :)