Margaret Gorman

First Miss America

Margaret Gorman

In the year 1921 Margaret Gorman was crowned Miss America. This was the first Miss America pageant. Margaret was representing the District of Columbia

she regretted it

Margaret later in life said she deeply regretted even participating in the pageant. She said that the pageant and Miss America was the only way people saw her. They no longer saw her as a person. They saw her as a beauty queen. She didn't want to be known as a beauty queen she wanted to be known for all the other good she did.
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background information on margaret Gorman

Born: August 18, 1905

Died: October 1, 1995

Married: Sometime in 1925

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gorman

Siblings: older siblings: John Gorman

Younger Sibling: Elizabeth Gorman

William Gorman

Spouse: Victor Cahill

Children: none

smallest and youngest miss america to this day

Margarets measurements were 30-25-32, and she was sixteen years old when she won her title.
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famous quote #1

I lived a very charmed life. I have been very lucky. God has been very kind to me

What it means to me:

she never suffered or needed anything she had exactly what she needed

famous Quote #2

I never cared to be Miss America I was bored by it all.

What it means to me:

she didn't really care about being miss america


How was your childhood?

My childhood was very good I had everything I ever wanted or needed. My parents were very loving and supportive of my dreams/ goals. They showed up for all of my important and semi-important events.

How do you feel about the kids in today's society?

In today's society there are many things that I do not agree with. When I was in my day I didn’t do things the way everybody else did even in the pageant. the girls wore bathing suits with the whole leg showing but not me. The way some of these girls dress now would have earned me a major beating.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color was the color of my dress I wore in the 1921 Miss America pageant. My beautiful sea foam green which most people nowadays would be mint green.