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March 26, 2021

Mr. Goetz's Corner

Dear Families of Deerfield,

Beginning this week, we welcomed our in-person students back to Deerfield for full day instruction. It was such a joy to see classrooms buzzing with activity. Our art and music rooms, gym, cafeteria and playgrounds were all in use by returning students. Our remote students continued with engaging learning activities. We also had our remote parents stop by school to pick up supplies for their students on Wednesday. Our next remote pick-up day will be April 14th.

Also this week, we hosted our Kindergarten Roundup! It was great to see some current families that have a younger sibling joining us next year. Also, it was nice to meet to families joining the Deerfield Family! We look forward to welcoming all of our new kindergarten students in the Fall. If you know of a family with an incoming kindergarten student, please be sure to have them reach out to us so we can help with registration and welcome them to the district.

With some of our students back in the building, we have been able to start practicing our safety drills. This week we talked to the students about Tornado/Severe Weather drills and practiced where they need to go to be safe. Last week we had an ALICE drill, and practiced with the students what to do if there is a dangerous situation in the building. Safety is our top priority with our students.

Even though our 'March is Reading Month' Read-A-Thon has ended, we hope you are encouraging your students to keep reading every day! Next week, during our spring break, would be a great chance to spend some quality time reading with your children. We will return to in-seat and remote instruction on April 5th.

Have a wonderful weekend and an amazing spring break!

Mr. Goetz

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Mar. 29- Apr. 2 - No School-Spring Recess

Apr. 14- Remote Supply Pick-up, 8 AM - 4 PM

Apr. 28- Remote Supply Pick-up, 8 AM - 4 PM

May 6 - Early Release Day

May 7 - No School for Students

May 31 - No School

Jun 10 - Half Day

Jun 11 - Half Day - Last Day of School

Lunch Choices for this Week

All students (no forms required) are eligible to receive free lunch this year. Right now, we only have one choice for lunch a day, but that may change in the future. Check out these yummy lunches for next week.

Monday: Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Tuesday: Macaroni & Cheese

Thursday: Soft Beef Taco

Friday: Cheese Pizza

Student Centered District Calendar for 2021-2022

Good Afternoon Avondale Families,

After months of work and collaboration with stakeholders around the Avondale School District, we have developed our calendar for the 2021-2022 school year.

While adhering to government mandates and myriad other details, the calendar reflects our commitment to student and staff growth. It contains opportunities for student remediation and enrichment through staff-provided intersessions that we feel will help reverse the academic losses that may have occurred for some students over the past year. The new calendar also honors our commitment to our staff members to provide opportunities for them to advance their teaching skills and enhance their content knowledge in the ever-changing world of education.

The new calendar is considered student-centered but we feel that it really is learning community-centered as it is designed to create an environment conducive to a healthy and intentional educational experience for all.

If you are interested in participating in a committee to discuss and plan intersession and enrichment opportunities for our students please fill out the form at this link: Intersession Planning Committee Interest Form.

The new calendar is attached to this email so that you can begin to plan your coming months. Barring any surprise mandates from the state or the occurrence of national or global events that may interrupt our 2021-2022 school year, there should be little to no changes to it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


James V. Schwarz, Ph.D.
Avondale School District

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Updated Covid Protection Reminders

Good Morning Avondale Families,

Because there has been outdated and sometimes misleading or conflicting information in the news and on social media about COVID-19 I am sending this note to reiterate and clarify what to do if your student is either exposed to a positive COVID-19 case, is experiencing symptoms, is awaiting COVID-19 test results, or has tested positive for COVID-19.


The quarantine period for Avondale Schools is currently 10 days. If no symptoms develop after 10 days, you may return to normal activities. We advise you to continue monitoring for symptoms after the 10-day quarantine for 4 additional days while you resume your normal activities. This will ensure you are actively monitoring for symptoms for a total of 14 days.

Quarantine guidelines do not apply to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 3 months. Quarantine guidelines also do not apply to anyone who has received their final dose of the vaccine at least 14 days prior to an exposure.

Isolate is a term used for those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who are awaiting a test result. Those in isolation must remain in separate rooms and avoid sharing personal items.

Quarantine is a term used for those who have been deemed a close contact to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Those in quarantine must always remain home, which includes staying home from school, athletic events and other activities.

If your child is exposed to COVID-19 by someone who is a MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD:

  • Complete the Clear To Go screening and notify your school.
  • Isolate the household members who are positive for COVID-19 for 10 days from the start of symptoms or the positive test collection date, whichever occurred first.
  • Quarantine the child who has been exposed to the positive case for 10 days from the date of last exposure. If the child in quarantine is re-exposed to the positive case during the 10-day quarantine period, the quarantine period must reset to another 10 days from the date of exposure. In some cases, the quarantine period for someone living with someone who has COVID-19 could be for a total of 20 days.

If your child is exposed OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD (at school, in the community, at a club or athletic event, etc.):

  • Complete the Clear To Go screening. If the exposure occurred at school or while participating in an Avondale School District activity or event you will be notified by an Avondale staff member.
  • Quarantine your child from interactions with others, by NOT allowing them to attend school and NOT allowing them to participating in athletic or club activities for 10 days from the date of exposure.
  • Have your child tested for COVID-19 and provide the test results to your school, if positive. A negative test will not permit your child to return to school early.

If your child is experiencing symptoms:

  • Complete the Clear To Go screening
    • A failed screening requires that your child remain home for a minimum of 10 days, unless you provide a doctor’s note with an alternative diagnosis to return.
  • Have your child tested for COVID-19 and provide the positive or negative test result to your school.
    Alternatively, visit your medical provider for a diagnosis that is not related to COVID-19. Provide a doctor’s note to your school before returning.

If your child is waiting for their own test results:

  • Isolate your child at home until the test result is returned.
    • Those in isolation must remain in separate rooms and avoid sharing personal items.
    • Please do not allow your child to attend school or an athletic or club activity while a test result is pending.
  • Complete the Clear To Go screening and notify your school.

If your child has received a positive COVID-19 test:

  • Complete the Clear To Go screening and notify your school.
  • Isolate your child for a minimum of 10 days from the start of symptoms or the positive test collection date, whichever occurred first.
    • If no symptoms remain after 10 days, they may return to school without a negative COVID-19 test.

We are committed to keeping our schools open for in-seat instruction and maintaining a safe environment for staff and all students in our schools. We need your help to do this. Please help us by adhering to the procedures outlined above. Please help us by having your child wear a mask when outside of your home and washing their hands frequently. The CDC has stated that these two mitigation practices help to curb the spread of COVID-19.


James V. Schwarz, Ph.D.
Avondale School District

Remote Student Supply Pick-Up

Deerfield will have REMOTE student supply pick-up approximately every 2 weeks on Wednesdays from 8 AM - 4 PM. Our upcoming dates are Wednesday: April 14th and April 28th. The necessity for supply pick-up will be determined by your REMOTE teacher.

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Positivity Project Weekly Theme: Humility

Humility means you do not seek the spotlight. You let your actions speak for themselves. Humble people have an accurate (not underestimated) sense of their abilities and achievements. They hold the capacity to acknowledge their mistakes and limitations, and are open to advice and new ideas. They are not "show offs" with their accomplishments or possessions. Humility and modesty are often characterized as synonymous with shy or meek, but this isn't the case. True humility is a sign of strength; it is a quiet confidence in who you are. It requires an honest self-reflection on your strengths and weaknesses, and self-control over ego, arrogance, and vanity.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." Rick Warren

March is Reading Month Ideas

Top 5 Reasons To Read

  1. Reading is the best exercise for your brain

  2. Reading reduces stress and anxiety

  3. Reading helps in building vocabulary

  4. Reading can motivate and inspire

  5. Reading prevents Alzheimers

Reading Quotes

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald

"There is no substitute for books in the life of a child." — May Ellen Chase

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." — Margaret Fuller

"When I say to a parent, "read to a child", I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate. " — Mem Fox

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift." — Kate DiCamillo

"If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book." — J.K. Rowling

A Note from Mr. Stabnick

**At this time, students will not be having PE classes outdoors. With the wet ground and varying temperatures, it will be better to use the gym for the fun PE activities. Mr. Stabnick will be sure to let families know when students will begin going outside for PE class.**

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Yearbook Sales!

This has not been a normal school year, but it is definitely one that you kiddos will remember! We will be capturing this time in history for them with our yearbook. We invite you to order your yearbook online at and use the Yearbook ID Code: 5932821. The cost of the yearbook is $10, and the order deadline is April 12th. Don't miss out! We may not be ordering extra copies for later purchase this year.
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Deerfield Outside


Please consider joining us each Wednesday at 12:30 pm, or the second Saturday of the month. We are excited that families are getting outdoors and connecting! The warmer weather makes it even more fun :) Please consider joining us any Wednesday and/or the second Saturday of the month.

Upcoming hikes:

Wednesdays @12:30 PM

3/31 Spring Break - Explore on your own!

4/7 Innovation Hills Park

Second Saturdays at 11 AM

4/10 Hawk Woods

This is a FAMILY event, so a parent or grown-up must stay with students.

We'll be using the hashtag #Deerfieldoutside on social media (Facebook,Instagram) to share when we're heading out to parks if we'd like to invite others to meet up! We can also search for an outing by searching for that hashtag! Please start using it when you’d like to initiate an outdoor activity! If Wednesdays don't work for your family, we also meet the 2nd Saturday of every month.

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Please consider joining our PTO for their meetings this school year. All meeting dates for this year will be 7:00 PM. Unfortunately, child care will not be available for PTO meetings this school year due to safety concerns, but Zoom links will be provided for those that wish to attend virtually.

Meeting Date for 2020-2021 School Year

May 12th, 2021

Also, please consider participating in the following ongoing fundraisers.

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Employment Opportunities in the School District

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Local Food Distributions

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Jewish Center - Food for Children

The Jewish Center in Troy is distributing free food weekly for families with children 18 and under (without income or location restrictions). Families must pre-register on the site below weekly for 7 Kosher lunches and 7 Kosher breakfasts each week they need it.