Mrs. Boutross

5th Grade - English Language Arts

May 6 - 10


This week the students will be completing a web quest about Number the Stars. They will be writing a newspaper article from the viewpoint of a person during WWII in Denmark. Once they complete their article, they will put it with other members of their book club and make a newspaper to present to the class.


We are currently reviewing grammar in our English classes. This week we will be working on verbs.

April 8 - 12


This week we are starting a novel study. We will be reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This novel is about a young girl's life in Denmark during World War II. The students seem excited about reading this novel, and I am excited about them learning with it.


We are starting a review of sentence structure and grammar this week.

March 18 - 22

Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope your child had a restful break and is ready to knock the socks off of the STAAR test. We are still preparing for this by doing packets that are in the same format as the test.

Monday, March 18

Reading - We completed a passage together in class today. They were given a packet to work on in class, but if they did not finish it is homework.

English - Students are working on specific objectives in STAAR format. They will not have homework in here today. :)

March 4 - 8

Texas Public School Week - Open House

The campus will be open for parents and community to visit from 7:30 - 8:30 each day.

6th/8th Grade - Tuesday, March 5th

5th/7th Grade - Thursday, March 7th

February 25 - March 1

This week we have been working on a project for Open House. After this project is completed, the students will be in review mode, preparing for the STAAR test.

February 18 - 22

We are studying Greek and Latin roots this week. The students copied these into their Reading Journal in class on Tuesday. They need to study these to be prepared for a matching test on Friday.
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Literary Devices

  • Alliteration - when a series of words in a row have the same beginning consonant sound

  • Onomatopoeia - a word that imitates or suggests the source of the sound it describes

  • Rhyme scheme - a way of describing a pattern of end rhymes


Tuesday, February 19

  • Students worked on writing with Alliteration during English. They wrote February on the side of their paper and made sentences out of each beginning letter. If they did not finish in class, it is homework. Due February 20th in English.

Wednesday, February 20

  • Students completed worksheets in class identifying onomatopoeia words and using them in sentences. If they did not finish, it is homework. Due February 21st.

Thursday, February 21

  • Reading - Students wrote a poem and labeled their rhyme scheme. They were required to write two stanzas with four lines in each stanza. If they did not finish this in class, it is homework. Due February 22nd.
  • English - Students completed a packet with questions about a passage and a poem. If they did not finish this in class, it is homework. Due February 22nd.