Classroom News

EPiC 3rd Grade

Blogging and Digital Volunteers

A few updates on our blogging...

Narrative: The students are working on posting stories from their lives. The students would love to hear your comments on their narratives. Here are some teaching points as you comment this weekend!

  1. Does the writer focus on one small but unforgettable moment?
  2. Does the writer include details that help create a picture for the reader?
  3. Is the narrative organized with a beginning, middle, and end?
  4. Did the student edit for proper capitals, punctuation, and complete sentences?
  5. Is the title correctly capitalized?

We love the holiday blogging and encourage the students to continue this over break. Click here for a quick link to our blog.

The students love reading your positive and constructive comments. Thank you for the support! It is amazing how much the students have grown from this process.

Eco-Friendly EPiC

We are now deep into our PBL "Eco-Friendly EPiC." After learning the words decompose, biodegradable, and non-biodegradable, we decided EPiC needed to make a change as many things that go to landfills are not biodegradable. The students took a survey of the school and decided to focus on recycling. The students wrote proposals to Dr. Schmitz to implement the new recycling program. 5th grade buddies helped us revise and edit our work.

Click here to read an example of a proposal or ask your student to show you his or her work on their iPad.

Click here to find a working document that outlines 2nd quarter standards.

Happy Holidays

We plan to celebrate the holidays on Friday, December 19th.

First, the wonderful Mrs. Everly will be back to tell North Pole stories. She will be here from 1:45-2:15. Click here for a link to her site!

Then, Mrs. Brownell and many other parents have planned a fun filled Winter Party from 2:15-2:45. Parents are welcome to attend!

*If you prefer your child not participate in the events, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate!

December & January Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer in the month of December please click here.

If you would like to volunteer in the month of January please click here.


EPiC and 3rd grade are requesting a few supplies.

3rd Grade: In our classroom we would love yellow Post-It notes, markers, dry erase markers, Ticonderoga pencils, and Magic Dry Erasers.

The Nurse: The nurse would love to have extra hats, scarves, gloves, coats, shirts, and pants on hand. We are particularly interested in "baggy" clothing that could be worn by a variety of students regardless of their age or size.

REnewing Creativity Drive: EPiC is holding it's first REnewing Creativity Drive. To find items are we looking for, please click here.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

PTA Update

  • Please continue to collect Box Tops and send them in.
  • PTA is very close to meeting it's membership goal at EPiC Elementary. If you, or your spouse, have not joined this wonderful organization please click here.


If possible, please ask your student if they have working headphones at school. Much of our work on-line requires sound and a lack of headphones can make it difficult for your students to learn.