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State notices school for excellent discipline and structure

Dress Code

School becomes out of control. Girls are not allowed to wear leggings, shorts, tank tops, or anything that is said to show too much skin. The rules are put in place to ensure that boys do not get distracted in class. This is leading to uncomfort, heat, and fatigue in the young girls in this school.

Also, girls are not known by name. Teachers and faculty recognize them as "ma'am in the pink backpack" or "Young lady with the yellow shirt. They were just given permission by the Birdville office to buy new orange jumpsuits for out of dresscode kids. These jumpsuits will have a number on them to help the staff recognize them since they already have trouble.

Baby Turtle Escapes In Parking Lot!

Animal rescue and search teams are hard at work for lost turtle.

Last Saturday, 5/14/16 Franklin the 6 year old turtle was found outside High School. Spectators said he was too quick or "the didn't notice him". After he had reached the parking lot it was just a mess! Swerving in between cars and through people's feet, he was impossible to catch. One assistant principal takes his golf cart to the parking lot. It was said there was a chase between the two of them for about 20 minutes before he finally caught him. AP told us he was "worried about students safety". As of Monday, 5/16/16 we are takimg him back to where he belongs. Currently he is held in a cage with plenty of security to ensure he does not get away again. "Please be careful, and keep an eye out. He is a snapping turtle." Said AP.

Lost turtle

This is Franklin. BE CAREFUL AND BE SAFE.

School Wide Book Read


A new book with a main character named Omelet will be released in August of 2017. The book resembles a man that loses his father and sees his ghost. The ghost persuades him to kill everyone while in the mean time everyone else is lying and trying to kill each other and cracking jokes about it. It is said it will soon become a modern classic with a twist at the end you would never see coming!

As soon as the book is released, we will be purchasing 5,000 copies of the book and making every student buy one so they can all read and enjoy the books education and literature together.


NEW RULE. Anonamous high school will no longer be accepting tarty students. If you are late, there will be a "place" for you to go the rest of the day. If any student is any later than 2 minutes to class you will be required to stand in the hallway, get scanned for any type of metals, be checked for dress code and assigned a jumpsuit with their specific number on it, then they will be taken to the dark classroom in the basement to be punished for their actions. If a student misses a day, that is something you do not want to do. The next day they show up they will be taken out of any group projects they were assigned, given piles of work, mistreated, and have 2 days assigned in the dark basement classroom. As of today, DO NOT BE LATE AND SHOW UP TO SCHOOL.
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Students need to start becoming more aware of the SERIOUS hazard of tripping up the stairs. 90% of students throughout their four years of attendance have injured themselves on the stairs. Nurse and local doctors are frightened that teenagers will suffer knee and feet problems after they graduate due to the strain of walking up and down the stairs during the day. Individually, people need to be aware and step LEFT then RIGHT up each step carefully and slowly. If things do not change quickly rules may have to be enforced such as walking in lines or longer passing periods. We will now have a teacher assigned at every staircase to be there incase of injury, horseplay, or any other dangers that the dreadful stairs have caused us.