Norwalk High School Library

September 2013

Books to Know About

Google Tool to Know About

Closed Tabs

This Google Extension allows users to view browser tabs that were recently closed. From there, tabs can either be restored or deleted. This tool is very useful when many tabs are open during class, but one - or more - is accidentally closed. Once installed, just click the Closed Tabs icon on the toolbar to find the site you need. Visit the Chrome Web Store to add it today!

Web Tool to Know About


ToonDoo is a free, easy, and fun comic creator. This site uses a drag & drop application for users to create the characters, backgrounds, and dialogue they want. Final products can be saved, printed, or even compiled into a ToonDoo book. This resource can help students demonstrate concepts they know, characters they analyze, etc. To get started, visit

Other Information to Know About

The Norwalk High School Library web page was updated this summer! By utilizing symbaloo (, all the library resources are now organized more effectively and are much more visually-appealing. Look at the new page below or visit to check out all the resources yourself! Remember - if you use any of these resources in class, let me know! I'm happy to assist in any way I can!