Costa Rica

By:Nik Kolander


San Jose

2 popular cities

San Isidro and cartaso


Was controlled by Spain but gained independence through war in 1838 and because of it's history it's official language in Spanish.

Geographical features

Is located in Central America and has coastal plains separated by mountain ranges home to hundreds of volcanos.
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Government info

Costa Rica is a democracy and their president is Luis Guillermo Solis and is on good terms with other countries with its trading.


Costa Rica's currency are Costa Rica colòn and their economic system is capitalism.


They export integrated circuits,office machine parts,and medical instruments and their export countries are U.S.A,Netherlands,Mexico,China,Malaysia.

They import petroleum,intergrated circuits,printed circuit boards,and cars and their import parteners are U.S.A,China,Mexico,Japan,panama.


People should visit for costa Rica's amazing beaches and natural parks when they get there they should walk on the beaches and take walked in the nature parks and see all the animals that reside inside the forest