Captain Cranium

Battling big business monopolies using his superior mind!

The Nemesis: Control Freak

Control Freak began as one company, but soon became so greedy and so overly-involved in the business world that he couldn't just settle to be one, solitary company, but had to encompass many companies to make one, big monopoly under his control. His quest for world domination (of business) mutated him into a half-human, half-octopus hybrid as his reach had to extend to all the businesses he desired to control.

After turning into this gruesome beast, Control Freak overpowered his business competition in order to put them under his control. Soon after, Control Freak began to possess too much control over the economy. Worse than that, he nearly eliminated all small businesses. He even defeated the fallen hero, Sherman Anti-Trust, who proved himself too weak to combat the amassing power of Control Freak. With so much power, Control Freak became a threat to consumers everywhere.

The Sidekick: The Historian

Also known as Ida Tarbell (her secret identity), The Historian helped expose Control Freak for what he really was - a monster to be feared and eliminated. With her trusty pencil, she revealed to the world and to our hero the truth about Control Freak and the dire need to defeat him due to his large, unfairly earned power. She strove for justice with the very history she proclaimed and wrote about in order to aid our hero in his quest to conquer Control Freak.

In today's adventure...

Captain Cranium defeated his nemesis, Control Freak, with three weapons, that when combined, were very deadly. With his amazing mind, Captain Cranium composed the Federal Farm Act, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Clayton Act. The Federal Farm Act cut off Control Freak's control over farmers, rescuing them from their agricultural struggles in the economy. The Federal Trade Commission weakened Control Freak by limiting his harmful impact on the economy as a whole, and put him under heavy guard to incapacitate him from continuing his evil ways. The Clayton Act would stop Control Freak once and for all, prohibiting him from ever rising to his full power ever again, so that he could never damage the economy or seek world (economy) domination ever again.

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