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Good for the Brain: Learning More than One Language

Knowing more than one language has obvious benefits in this increasingly global world. But scientists believe if you are learning more than one language, the brain is getting a real workout. Think it’s too much for your child to learn 2 or 3 languages at once? Think again. There is evidence that while one is thinking in one language, both language systems are active and the brain is forced to decide which word or dialogue is correct. This gives the brain a workout, strengthening cognitive skills for not only language but for other studies as well. We have many students who take 2 or 3 languages at once. Sometimes they mix up words, but, this is a good mix-up…their brains are working overtime! Working out your brain can help keep your mind strong and may deter you from getting dementia in old age just as keeping your muscles loose and strengthened can help keep your body fit as you grow old.

By Konni Barich
Executive Director
Foreign Language for Youth

FLY Raffle Winner has been chosen!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first FLY Raffle! We have selected a winner who got a student to register for a class that was in jeopardy of being cancelled because of low enrollment. Congratulations to our winner!

We hope you are all enjoying your FLY classes so far!

FLY Update

Thank you parents for being part of FLY this year and for giving us the opportunity to teach your bright students! Classes have gotten off to a wonderful start. :)

By now your student probably knows how to say his or her name in another language. Your students may also be able to count to 10, ask "how are you" and answer, and name the colors. Feel free to ask them about what they've learned in class and practice at home! Doing this makes a big difference in how much your student will be able to retain.

It's also a great idea to utilize youtube videos and games online. We often post great websites on our facebook and twitter pages so be sure to follow us.

In the spirit of Halloween here are some fun videos that we posted on facebook this week. Enjoy! :)

  • Spanish Halloween song to help practice numbers goo.gl/PbQND

FLY Reminder

Remember to double check your student's class calendar regularly. If you have any questions about the schedule for your student's class feel free to contact us or your student's teacher.

If there is a snow day follow your school's schedule. If you are in a morning FLY class and there is a delayed day at your school because of snow then you will not have FLY class that day.

FLY Safety

  1. Please remember to contact us to let us know if your student will be absent from class. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for, so knowing in advance if your child will miss class is really helpful. Thanks to all of you who have already been doing this!
  2. Also, if your student is attending an afternoon class don't forget to let us know if someone other than you will be picking up your student from class. If your student will be walking home we require a written release. An email letting us know that your student has permission to do so works fine!
  3. If your student has any allergies or special needs please notify us.


It's not too late to purchase a CD for your student. CDs have the complete level 1 curriculum on them. They are a great way for students to practice the vocabulary and phrases they have learned in class and also improve their pronunciation.

You can purchase a CD online at our website: https://www.foreignlanguageforyouth.org/flyBuy or over the phone at 425-420-2854.

CD's will be shipped to you in the mail. Price is $24 to cover cost of shipping and handling.