Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Online Class Money Collector

Collecting money for field trips, book orders, etc. is a pain. But, with ClassWallet teachers can simplify the process! Instead of dealing with cash, checks and paper, teachers establish an online account. With it, they can collect and manage money, shop for education products and keep track of spending—all on one integrated platform. Link:

Writing Cube

Cube Creator is a template of a cube that breaks the writing process into six parts. There are templates for writing biographies, mysteries, short stories, etc. Students enter the information on the online template. When they are finished, their cubes can be printed with lines for cutting and folding to create an actual cube. Link:

Poem/Story Creator

The free ipad app, Word Mover, is for helping kids develop poems and short stories. Students are shown a selection of words that they can drag onto one of eight canvases to create a poem or story. A word bank is provided, but students can add their own words as well! Link:

Notetaking on Webpages

Scrible is a service with a nice set of tools for highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking webpages. A font changer and sticky notes are also available. It is free and easy to install. The Scrible tool set includes highlighters, sticky notes, and font change tools. It will save the changes and marks you put on the original page. It recently added a place for formatting bibliographies as you go. You can also compile your article clippings into one package. Link:

Behavior Management Plan Supporting PBIS

In today’s edition of, ("Transforming Education Through Technology") Joshua Bolkan announced that “LiveSchool has launched a free version of its behavior management system for K-12 classrooms. Previously only available via a school-wide contract, the Web-based application is now accessible to any teacher with an Internet-connected device. Based on positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) or school-wide PBIS, LiveSchool allows teachers to record behavior points for students."