The Worlds Voice

By Noah A.

Issue 4


Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner, or day. Friday is the last day of school before spring break. Some kids are staying home, some are going on VK, and other are having a party.This year spring break is going to be a great one because it is predicted to be 70's all week long. So what are doing next week are you doing nothing, or going big.



As the weekend nears MLS looks toward its second weekend of soccer. Sporting Kansas City takes on Dallas in there second soccer game. Also Sporting KC's Seth Snovic playing time is on the line. De Jong is challenging Snovic's playing time. De Jong left his former team for his lack of playing time. He hopes to prove he is worthy of the position. Hoping for a win this weekend SKC is also in a new Division so it's harder and better. n Also they are hoping for a better performance by Dom Dwyer.

Brain Teaser


If JoJo rides into town on Friday, and stays 3 days then leaves on Friday. How did he do it.


6 guys dig a hole in 1 hour. How long would it take them to dig half a hole.