Common Theme

Love is a powerful driving force

(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh's starts his friendship with Enkidu

Gilgamesh bent his knees, with his other foot on the ground,
his anger abated and he turned his chest away.
They kissed each other and became friends. (2.103-109, 129)

*This is the start of Gilgamesh's transformation from when he first meets Enkidu.*

(Gilgamesh) After the Death of Enkidu

"Should my heart not be wretched, my features not haggard?
Should there not be sadness deep within me? …

My friend, whom I love deeply, who went through every hardship with me,
Enkidu, whom I love deeply, who went through every hardship with me,
the fate of mankind has overtaken him." (10.47-48, 52-63)

*After the death of Enkidu Gilgamesh no longer cares for his appearance and grieves for his friend*

(The Odyssey) Calypso's Love

"I loved him, I too care of him, I even told him I'd make him immortal and ageless all of his days." (5.134-136)

*Calypso explains her love for Odysseus, her love is the driving force that keeps him on the island*

(The odyssey) Odysseus speaks of his want to go home

"She's only human, and you are a goddess, Eternally young. Still, I want to go back. My heart aches for the day I return to my home." (5. 218-220)

*Even though Odysseus is on an island with the beautiful Calypso, his heart is still with Penelope*

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