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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - Week of 9.6.2020

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Welcome Back to School!

Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

Welcome Back to Bishop Woods School for the 2020-2021 school year!! We hope you enjoyed your first week of remote learning! My hope is that it has been as smooth as possible for each family under the circumstances. We appreciate your patience as we work through launching remote learning, and all that you are doing to support your children at home. The learning curve is steep for everyone!!

Please note that there is no school on Monday , September 7th in observance of Labor Day. Remote learning will resume at 8:45am on Tuesday, September 8th. We will have an early dismissal (11:45am) every Wednesday (more details are below).

We have been working very hard here at school to troubleshoot all tech issues. If you have any issues with your child's device and/or accessing instruction, please remember to fill out the form at the link below, and someone from Bishop Woods will be in contact to assist you.


If you were unable to attend our orientation, or our virtual parent information sessions with your child's teacher, you can access all presentations on the homepage of our Bishop Woods website at the link below:


If you have not filled out the orientation paperwork, a button to access the forms has been placed under this parent letter. It is extremely important that these documents are completed - they are now past due.

We are awaiting a shipment of school supplies to distribute to families to assist with remote learning. I will be back in touch with a schedule of when you can pick up materials.

Our main form of communication this year will be through email. If you are not receiving emails from the school, please contact our main office to let us know: 475-220-7300

If you have not already done so, please be sure to sign up for Remind texts! I have created a second account in order to accommodate even more families. Here is the link to join: http://remind.com/join/bwfam2

I have placed all of these important forms under the resources link at the bottom of this newsletter for future reference.

Please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher as your initial contact if you are having any problems with remote learning, or have questions that you need addressed. The contact information for each teacher is on their presentation, and on their Google Classroom.

Ms. Crisci and I are also working from the building every day, and are always available to support families.

Looking forward to our continued partnership during these unprecedented times.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Natalino

NHPS Orientatation Forms - BE SURE TO COMPLETE!

These are PAST DUE! Please take time to complete TODAY if you have not done so already. Thank you!

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesdays will be an early release schedule for all grade levels. Remote instruction will end at 11:45, and teachers will be available to conference with students/parents in the afternoon. Each teacher will share his/her office hours with their families.

Remote Learning Reminders

  • The expectation is that every student logs in to Google Meet with their homeroom teacher at 8:45am every morning (Monday - Friday). The Google Meet link can be found in the banner of the Google Classroom under the Stream tab. Attendance is taken through homeroom. The schedule for the day is also shared at this time.

  • Remember that your child is attending school. He/she should be dressed appropriately, and seated to access instruction. Students should not be attending class while lying in bed!

  • Please ensure you child's camera is on. Teachers need to be able to see all students in order to determine engagement.

  • Please be cognizant that your child's mic is on, and we can hear what is going on in the background. Even if you think your child's mic is off, it may have been turned on by your child or his/her teacher.

  • The Google Meet links may not be visible when the class is not in session. Teachers activate the meet link during their teaching block, and deactivate on off hours. If you can not find the link outside of scheduled class time, that may be why.

  • Parents should not be present in the video or talking to teachers during instructional time. If you have questions or comments, please contact your child's teacher during his/her office hours.

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August Birthdays!!

August 1st - Kelly M. (Grade 6), Andy Z. (Grade 7)

August 4th - Ms. Northrop (School Psychologist)

August 5th - Alexander E. (Grade 2), Zoe T. (Grade 6)

August 6th - Johnathan L. (Grade 3), Jett P. (Grade 7)

August 7th - Markeith S. (Grade 6)

August 8th - Dominic B. (Grade 2), Michael C. (Grade 1), Christian G. (Grade 6)

August 12th - Ruth J. (Grade 8), Barbara Z. (Grade 5), Ms. Pierce (Special Education Teacher), Ms. Willis (Social Worker)

August 14th - Naveah A. (Grade 7), Ashanti E. (Grade 5), Antwan L. (Grade 3)

August 16th - Cataleya D. (Grade 2)

August 18th - Chloe J. (Grade 2), Saniyah W. (Grade 3)

August 20th - Sencere D. (Grade 8), Anderson S. (Grade 8)

August 21st - Aaliyah P. (Grade 4)

August 22nd - Shane C. (Grade 6), Jared M. (Grade 6)

August 23rd - Ta'Kye P. (Grade 2)

August 24th - Victor M. (Grade 3), Daniel R. (Grade 3), Isaac R. (Grade 3)

August 25th - Avien V. (Grade K)

August 27th - Morgan R. (Grade K)

August 28th - Isaac G. (Grade 3), James P. (Grade 3), Carmello W. (Grade 2)

August 29th - Brandon J. (Grade 4), Mia R. (Grade 6), Natalie V. (Grade 3)

August 30th - Javeon M. (Grade 6), Isaac S. (Grade 5), Dominic W. (Grade 5)

August 31st - Edasia V. (Grade 1)

Birthdays Last Week!

September 1 -Jeilany M. (Grade K)

September 2 - Ms. Howard (Drop-Out Prevention Specialist)

September 4 - Khawla B. (Grade 3), Mikalya C. (Grade 1), Bryan G. (Grade 4), Arriana H. (Grade 3), Jordiel G. (Grade K)

September 5th - Jazmine P. (Grade 4)

Birthdays This Week!

September 6th - Teshan S. (Grade 7), Ms. Fonseca (Paraprofessional)

September 7th - Dylean Q. (Grade 2)

September 8th - Jaylee P. (Grade 5)

September 9th - Ariellah P. (Grade 8), Amani P. (Grade 5)

September 10th - Kalimah H. (Grade 8)

September 11th - Jazirah W. (Grade 7)

September 12th - Jaylen S. (Grade 6)

September Meal Distribution

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Students in Action! (Newsletter Contributions)

Please share any videos, images, quotes, or successes with remote learning each week to our Padlet!

  1. Click the link to the Padlet: https://padlet.com/cara_campo/58q8knqx4rgib18q
  2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Please be sure to add your child's first name, last initial, and grade level to the title of the Padlet. (i.e. Londyn A., Grade 1)
  4. You will have the option to upload or add anything you would like to share with the Bishop Woods school community!
  5. Please submit all entries by Thursday of each school week so we can share in our Sunday Newsletter!

Opportunities from Our Community Partners!

Arte Inc. Opportunities for Students & Families

Please check out the link for multiple opportunities for students & families, including contests and challenges with CASH PRIZES, workshops and informational sessions! Copycat Art Contest runs 9/7 - 10/15!

Family Resources

Bishop Woods Tech Issue Form

Please document any technical issues you are experiencing, and a member of the Bishop Woods team will be in touch to support you!

Bishop Woods Website

You can access orientation and teacher presentations on the home page. We will also be posting additional resources to support families!

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