To be or not to be?

that is the question....

January 2016


This month we will be learning about the past simple tense.

Last lesson we started with the irregular verb to be:

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Last lesson we used was / were to answer these questions:

When were you born? I was born in 1978

Where were you born? I was born near Liverpool

Were you a good baby? I wasn't good at dinnertime.

Were you a quiet child? i was quiet and very shy.

Were you a happy teenager? No I wasn't very happy. I was moody.

For homework I asked you to write about a family member.

When was he/ she born?

Where was he/she born?

Was he/she a good baby?

Was he/she a quiet child?

Was he /she a happy teenager?

Here are some words you could use to describe a person's personality:

shy, timid, sociable, friendly, happy, moody, quiet, good, naughty,


I Was, You Were ("To Be" Past Simple Song) - Rockin' English
Next will learn about other verbs.
and keep learning vocabulary.

See you on Thursday!