Tō te Ākonga Okaokanga KOWHEORI-19

Student COVID-19 Vaccination

Tēnā koutou e te whānau

You will be aware of the government decision that all staff and workers who may have contact with tamariki in kura must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by 1 January 2022. We have completed collecting this information and can assure you that a large number of our kaimahi have already been fully vaccinated.

We are also required to maintain an up-to-date register with the vaccination status of all eligible ākonga (aged 12 & over). Thank you to our whānau who have already completed our form.

This information will be held with ākonga information on our Student Management System. This is kept securely in accordance with the Privacy Act (you can view a Student Vaccination Privacy Statement here). Should an outbreak arise, we may share this information with a Public Health Authority for the purposes of planning and implementing appropriate public health responses.

In order to collect this information we require whānau to complete information in either:

  • KAMAR Parent Portal


Verification of your child's vaccination record will need to be available to be uploaded. This may be an email, immunisation card, or SMS that you have received from your vaccine or medical provider, or the vaccination certificate/pass now available through the My COVID Record website.

If you are unable to complete the form, or upload proof of vaccination status, please come into the tari and complete a form (paper or electronic), and have the vaccination proof photocopied.

We would appreciate the prompt response to the collation of this information preferably before Friday 10th December. If you do not respond to the questionnaire we will assume that your child is unvaccinated and will record their details as such.

Thank you in advance for providing this information.

He mihi

Sharlene Teirney

Acting Tumuaki