IVF Treatment

is it right, or wrong?

What is IVF?

IVF is a treatment is usually when a couple are having difficulty conceiving a child because the quantity or quality of the man’s sperm is poor. This is where the egg is fertilised outside the woman’s body and then implanted back into her uterus. As FSH can also be used to encourage the production of several mature eggs at once, it is used as part of IVF to increase the number of eggs available for fertilisation. This then means you can have a child.

What does Islam say About it?

Islam has concluded that artifical inseminations are permitted, as long as the husband and wife are involved reproductively. This means that is is acceptable to receive IVF treatment as long as only the sperm of the husband are being used and a surrogate mother is not used. In the Qur'an, God comforts those who face fertility difficulties:
"To God belongs the dominion of heavens and earth.
He creates what He wills.
He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills,
and bestows male (offspring) upon whom He wills.
Or He bestows both males and females,
and He leaves childless whom He wills.
For He is All-Knowledgeable All-Powerful."

(Qur'an 42:49-50)
The Qur'an and Hadith do not directly comment on any specific procedure, but scholars have interpreted the guidelines of these sources to develop their opinions.