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A Message from Pastor Sander


“Let the little children come to me”… Mark 10:14

“Train up a child in the way he should go… Proverbs 22:6

2020 is a year for the ages. Most familiar things and ways to doing things are suspended for the time being. Parents of school-aged children feel this most sharply in their lives. Online, or part-time in school education, extra-curricular activities halted are all a part of the new reality. Yes, we are resilient! God made us this way.

Our Confirmation Instruction is going to be a combined effort between parents and church staff. It is not going to be as hard as some imagined. Jaime Greene put in a lot of extra effort in designing this program. Parents will go over the self-explanatory materials at home with their children who are in Confirmation Class. On the last Wednesday of every month Jaime and I will meet with our classes and their parents at church for a meeting that will last less than an hour.

Confirmation Instruction matters because this is a subject that determines behavior for the rest of one’s life. This is not only learning cognitive content, but what they learn here becomes the foundational stone of their entire life! They may forget some Bible verses or commandments, but they will live according to them anyway, because the Holy Spirit will guide them. A Christian education is by far the highest legacy parents can give their children.

Parents, Sunday School teachers, members of the Board of Elders, the D.C.E., and the pastor will all have a hand in making this year’s Confirmation Instruction work! I ask you to please do your share, no matter what it is. It will be needed for the successful outcome we are attempting to reach!

The Lord bless you all – especially you parents and students!

Pastor Martinho Q. Sander

Serving Us in Worship


Thursday (7:00pm) - Chuck Boie, Tim Hansen, Lee Roloff

Sunday (8:00am)- Jim Burow (primary) & Dan Gutenberger (secondary)

Sunday (10:30am) - Craig Butzlaff (primary) & Rick Krause (secondary)


Thursday 7:00 pm - Schilz Team 8

Sunday 8:00am - Wondisford Team 3

Sunday 10:30am - Seefeld Team 4

October Birthdays & Anniversaries

Preschool News

Thy Will Be Done

God's Will be done, right? As easy as it is to say and know, we as humans sometimes have difficulty following God's Will and knowing that He is still in control. Trials in life are inevitable and sometimes there is no way around them. The one thing that separates us from the rest of the world though is the fact that we know those trials are only temporary and we have a Savior that promises to never leave us. He gives us the tools, strength, and comfort to tackle anything that comes our way.

Adjusting to school, making new friends, getting homework done when we would rather be playing, or worrying about a test are all things that come to mind when you are a student. Now add attending school during a pandemic and you think you can't take anymore. The joy, yes joy, in getting through these things is that we know that we have a loving God that takes care of us and provides for us. Students, teachers, board members, moms, dads, and grandparents all have things that we face. Whether it be good, bad, sad, or joyous, we have a God that holds us in the palm of His hand. Rest assured that no matter what is going on in life we have a Savior that is always there.

During these uncertain times we as Christians have the opportunity to stand out. In all the chaos and unknowns during this time, we can be a light to the world in that we can show that God is in control. So even though we do not necessarily like living in a pandemic we know that God's perfect plan for our lives is playing out. We can cling to God knowing that His Will is the ultimate Will and in living out that He promises to be with us every step of the way.

Preschool has had a successful start to its 31st year! It is so good to hear the sound of children once again filling the classrooms and hallways. What a blessing to be able to teach these little ones the love of Jesus. We pray that God would continue to bless us and keep us safe! See some of the fun things happening in preschool in the pictures below!

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is back at Blessed Savior. The task is to simply fill a shoe box with some simple goodies for different aged boys and girls. It will look a little different this year, but we still get the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with countless across the globe! There are two ways in which you can participate this year, you can fill a box online here or you can pick up a traditional box from church! Boxes will be available outside the church doors in a bin! Remember to fill your box with a WOW item, personal care items, crafts/activities, toys, and a personal note! Please do NOT include the following: Candy; toothpaste; gum; war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; chocolate or food; seeds; fruit rolls or other fruit snacks; drink mixes (powdered or liquid); liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans. Traditional boxes are due back to church no later than Sunday, November 8th.

Sunday School at Home

Sunday School @ Home is well underway and going very well! We have heard good things from everyone involved. What a gift our families have been given to study God's Word together in this way! During the month of October we will look at these stories: Jacob's Dream, Joseph's Colorful Robe, Joshua and the Spies, and Ruth and Naomi. Our hymn for the month of October is "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" from the new children's hymnal #262.

If you are a family that has a child ages 2-8th grade, and you did not receive a bag of goodies on your porch, please contact Jennifer Leinss or Jaime Greene. We will get you one ASAP!

What is the Reformation?

The Reformation is the movement within the Christian church that happened in the Middle Ages – also called Dark Ages, because very few people were educated or “enlightened”.

The Christian church had been infiltrated by many impostors who posed as pastors of the church. What they really were doing was extracting money from the poor and telling them they would burn in hell unless they gave money to the church. The Gospel – the love and the forgiveness of sins that Christ freely offers us in the Bible – was nowhere to be seen or heard.

Then the Lord recruited a bright student of the Bible, a monk called Martin Luther, who was studying to become a priest. He became a professor of the Bible at a brand new university in Wittenberg, Germany. In preparing himself to teach, he started to notice that what the church taught was not in the Bible.

On October 31st , 1517 this monk invited the other professors of the university and everyone else who cared to come to a debate on 95 points he noticed the church’s teachings were not found in the Bible. That was all human invention. Those who were interested in learning the truth, agreed with Martin Luther, but the authorities of the church were furious, because their income was

being threatened. He was called for a meeting with the Emperor and the Pope’s representatives. They ordered Martin Luther to recall all his writings, but he knew the Bible was on his side. He said: “Here I stand. I cannot recant my books. God help me.”

The truth will always conquer, and the Reformation conquered the world. Since then, the church celebrates the Reformation, the event through which the Gospel was restored to God’s people. Martin Luther’s enemies in the church called the Reformation “Lutheran”. This upset Martin Luther, because he wanted it to be called Christian Church.

We will celebrate the Reformation on Thursday, October 22 and Sunday, October 25.

Special Missions

Our Special Missions project for the last quarter of the year 2020 is the ministry to the deaf, specifically the work done at and through “Evangelical Emmanuel Lutheran Congregation to the Deaf". This congregation is located in West Allis (2306 S 98th Street). The Rev. William Palmer has been their pastor for the last 34 years. They minister to all deaf of the Greater Milwaukee area. This is a worthy cause and your gifts to Special Missions will sustain the proclamation of the Gospel in sign language!

Welcome Terri Alioto, Office Manager!

We welcome very kindly Teresa (Terri) Alioto to Blessed Savior. Terri is our new Office Manager (which combined the church secretary and the business administrator roles). Terri is married and has two grown sons and loves her dog Daphne. We pray that God would richly bless Terri's work among us and pray that we would be a blessing to her as we know she will be to us! Welcome Terri! You may send your greetings to her at